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Terms of ITDA-IHMP

Terms and Conditions of Membership

All of the sign up, log in or contact pages in this website are only to be used by ITDA Staff, Management and our Training Partners, Affiliates, Associates, registered members and Divepro Franchisees.

Use is solely for professional and commercial use by ITDA for the purpose of Information sharing, plus; Certification verification for our members (To confirm only, Name ITDA Ref. and Certification level - date of certification and where certified). Not personal details will be available (like: Date of Birth, Email or Address / telephone etc. etc.)

Except for many of the images shown. Some of which maybe subject to personal copyrights. Like ITDA and IHMP Logos...

If you wish to join ITDA-IHMP at a membership level, we will only share data as outlined here and will NOT under any circumstances pass your data or any personal information to 3rd Parties for sale or reward, without your express permission (requested by email).

Our Search and Verification programs will ONLY show the limited information (As stated above) and nothing more. For the purpose of taking dive tours, training or hiring / renting diving equipment. And For the purpose of Confirming your Certification levels and Phto ID / Confirm your identity.

Note some dive Centres may also require a passport or National ID card to confirm ID...
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What Information will we share and with whom?

If you want to use your Diver Certification as proof of training and or experience in order to gain commercial access to diving equipment, book a dive trip or engage in further education and training we need to share some limited information from our database.

Name and Surname (Family Name)

ITDA Reference Number - ID XXXXXXXXX

COPY of YOUR E-Card as a .JPEG (.jpg)  .PNG or  .PDF

Sample of an e-card Certification

Your Current (On-Record) Certification Level with ITDA and or IHMP

Date of Certification (Date Certified or Course Passed / Diploma Issued)

Any Restrictions on Certifications (i.e. Depth Limits) or Validity Data for example annual or subscription membership (Pro Levels in Current Status) We will just show "Member is in Current Teaching Status or Not in Status or if there is a problem then we may show, Member is suspended until further notice".

We can at your request by email offer you a link to access and change limited item fields such as Name (Which may change) and to add experience and certifications etc.

Depending on your paid membership level other benefits may be available from time to time like "Special Offers and discounts", like App sharing and issuing an e-card and or ordering a Plastic ID card.


ITDA are a full service business and we are here to serve and support our membership at all levels please advise by mail any way we can improve or help! Thank you.

Stephen Craig-Murray