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What is Technical Diving?

Technical diving (also referred to as tech diving or tec-diving) is scuba diving that exceeds the normal limits of recreational diving for non-professional purposes.

Technical diving may expose the diver to hazards beyond those normally associated with recreational diving, and to greater risk of serious injury or death from Decompression accidents, Entrapment or judgement errors regarding gas mixes.

The risk may be reduced by appropriate skills, knowledge and experience, and by using suitable equipment and procedures for the type of diving undertaken. ITDA has been certifying Technical Divers since 1998...

Technical diving requires a higher degree of self-discipline, advanced skills and high self-awareness.

technical diving
CCR rebreather

How to become a Technical Diver

You need firstly to be a minimum of Scuba Rescue Diver or Advanced Diver with rescue and a Nitrox Certification. You can then qualify for an ITDA Technical Diving Certification or...

Any specialist levels will also be useful. You can then upgrade to Advanced Nitrox and / or Deep Air / Decompression Diver. / Cave or CCR would also qualify.

Our title of ITDA Technical Diver is also available to Military divers and Commercial Divers who are looking for a recreational technical certification. Any background, any agency... You may also qualify for ITDA Membership... So if you would like to make an application to be registered as a Technical Diver with an e-certification with online verification by web app....

Please apply below... Cost if successful is just $65.00 USD to cover our admin and due diligence fees.... No expiry date. If you join ITDA as a member then your registration as a technical diver is included...
See ITDA Membership Plans

Apply to be registrerd as a Technical Diver

What are Technical Specialist Levels?

There are many specialist levels in Technical Diving and the most popular in ITDA are:  Decompression Diving (40%/50%/80%) - Cave Diving - CCR - to CCR Mixed Gas (Trimix) - Deep Air (40m/50m/60m)- Overhead Environment - Deep Wreck and Wreck / Cave Rescue - Pro Cave and Pro Deep Rescue... Side-mount - Gas Blending Nitrox and Trimix.
ITDA Offer all of these!

At three (3)levels:

Level 1. = Introduction Level 2-5 Dives
Level 2. Intermediate Level = 3-5 Dives
Level 3. Advanced Technical Diver = 8 to 12 dives.

Note number of dives depends directly on the complex level of training involved for example for Advanced Mixed Gas CCR we require 100+ dives experience, and training dives to a minimum of 22 dives.

Technical Specialist
line decompression
Nitrox Instructor

Technical Crossover

We have x2 Simple processes for this:

1. You can crossover from any technical agency at the same or equal level. Admin Crossover applies only to diver levels...

2. You can use your experience to crossover and Upgrade to an ITDA higher level with an Instructor taking a course program.

Crossover Tech

ITDA Technical Diving

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Entry Level Technical

Entry level technical diving is from our Ntech Nitrox using mixes above 40% Oxygen and with Decompression...

Entry Technical Link

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Technical Specialist

We have many specialist technical programs including; CCR-Rebreather, Cave Diving, Wreck & Deep Air/Trimix.

Specialist Technical

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Technical Professional

From Technical Diver Leader to Technical & Advanced Technical Instructor/Assessor to Tech Director.

Technical Pro Link

Technical Rescue

Technical Rescue is far more advanced and far more dangerous than traditional scuba rescue and covers very serious diving environments like; Cave - Deep Air - Extended Range - CCR to 100m+ / Deep Wreck - Advanced Trimix and more...   Entry into Occupational Diving available from ITDA Tech.

cave intro

Overhead Rescue

This highly specialist area includes: (But is NOT limited to)... Cavern and Cave Rescue - Wreck / Entrapment Rescue, ICE Rescue and more...
Overhead Link

deep rescue

Deep Air Rescue

Bringing divers up from depths of 40-60m/200Ft. and beyond, also decompression rescue and CCR Rebreather Rescue and Recovery.
Tech Rescue Link

ssa diver

Public Safety Diver (PSD)

Pro Level and the Platinum standard for professional rescue divers. Dry and Wet Bell Diving, UW Projects & More! Oil and Gas Industry Support - Fire Rescue Teams etc.
PSD Rescue Link - Occupational Diving

Technical Advanced / Specialist

Technical Advanced Diving specialists are at the very top of the diving ladder in terms of training, advanced skills development, often leading in new innovations and advancing new technology and diving techniques.


Advanced Nitrox

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staged deco

Advanced Technical

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ccr technology

Advanced CCR

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Professional Technical Levels

ITDA Technical professionals are amongst the highest levels of diver training and education, offering high risk training with higher rewards and exceptional employment opportunities.

As Professionals at this level can also train and certify all levels in Scuba Diving to professional.

As well as Technical Diving and in most cases they may also be IHMP First Aid Trainers / Examiners.

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Technical Instructor

Entry level Tech Instructor from Advanced Sports Scuba or Ntech Professionals - Courses & Upgrades.

Technical Pro Link


Technical Assessor

Technical Instructors may upgrade to become Technical Assessors, Online course $99 USD at:


mide show

Technical Director

Technical Training Director is our highest certification level for professional divers. And they may also be Scuba Course Directors.

Tech Director Link

Technical Training Director

Technical Training Director is our highest certification level for professional divers. As they may operate technical instructor training at the highest level...

And available only the highest qualified and experienced diving educators in our industry.

In ITDA they are also recognised as ITDA Sports Scuba Course Director equal. And may upgrade to Assessor Examiner on application to ITDA HQ.

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Professional & Occupational Diving

Occupational Diving (Professional-Diving) covers any diving activities where a person is considered to be "at work" or employed in diving activities.

We will demonstrate here what is "Occupational Diving" and how it works and is used to support diving industry services.

From Cleaning Boats and anti-fouling, Blanking and sealing, Sea Chest Inspections, NDT, to diving for Scallops or using a hard hat, band mask and surface air or mixed gas.

Public Safety Diving, ROV- UW-Welding, Cutting, Artificial Reef Building. Pre-paring wrecks for sinking and Thruster replacement on support vessels and rigs etc...   New Aquaculture programs coming...

Occupational Diving Link
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Full Face Mask

Underwater Welding and Construction diver are just x2 Examples of ITDA Pro Diving.

There are many more!

ITDA Professional Programs include: Scuba to Hard Hat / Band Mask / Full Face with UW Comms etc.

There are x3 Primary environments for Pro-Diving employment.

1. In-shore. - 2. Off-Shore and - 3. In-land.

Primary Industries include: Energy Sector - Oil & Gas - Aqua Cultivation & Marine Research

From Chamber Tours to Operations

Non-medical and Medical Tender and Supervisor

Chamber Operator & DDRC for Divers and HBOT!

IHMP Hyperbaric Link