ITDA - IHMP Certification Programs (ALL)

ITDA-IHMP Certifications Overview (All levels)

We have been training and certifying divers since 1998 beginning with Technical Diving as the ETDA European Technical Diving Agency and then being asked by our instructors, trainers and course directors to develop recreational -
Sports Scuba certifications in diving back in 2005.

And from 2007 we expanded into the Occupational diving market with "Construction diving" and "Public Safety Diving / UW Welding and Professional Rescue" programs which were developed with and for the Malaysian Federal Fire and Rescue Services.
These courses are still running today... With our Partners in Malaysia.

So a big warm welcome from ITDA HQ Management to our full range of course programs...Many of our certification programs have junior levels from 8 years to 15 years old.  For Advanced Technical Diving and Professional levels minimum age is 18 Years.

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Non Diving

ITDA Offers much more than just traditional diving programs. Using our training and education systems to develop certifications in Swimming and Snorkelling etc. Experience Dives.
See Non-Diving Page

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Scuba Diving

We began as a Technical Diving & Professional certification agency and due to demand from our Instructors we developed Scuba Training from 2005. Based on UK HSE Standards.

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first aid training

IHMP First Aid

IHMP has been our First Aid, Hyperbaric and Medical Training division since 1998. Offering programs to International standards in 64 Countries. From CPR/BLS to Emergency care.

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Rescue Diving

ITDA Offers more theory, more training dives and more realistic rescue experiences in these programs than any other training and certification agency... Plus a clear choice of flexible options based on the divers requirements and sense of adventure...                            

Our Rescue Diving Programs are both challenging and rewarding.

deep rescue

Rescue Diver

ITDA Scuba Rescue Diver is a core program and comes directly after our open water program. Advancing Skills learned in Open Water Diver course with more.

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surface rescue

IHMP Aquatic Rescue

We developed this program for those people who live and work around water. And may encounter at any time someone in difficulty or drowning.

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Surface rescue2

Public Safety Diving

Our pro rescue program, covering, Search & Recovery, (Body & Vehicle) Assessments & Advanced rescue using FFM or Hard Hats with Comms.

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Advanced / Specialist

We now offer our "Unique" Advanced Specialist Certifications, giving Specialist divers recognition for their advanced status in theory and diving skills, and much greater experience in both Scuba & Technical Diving.

Please NOTE: 10 Open Water Dives experience are required for Specialist Diver Level 2. and above...

 ITDA Advanced Specialist Diver (Level 3) may have as many as 12 dives minimum, up to 20+ in the specialist subject area, and up to 40+ hours of theory, plus assignments and Instructor led projects & assignments... Link to ITDA Specialist page

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Advanced Scuba

Advanced Scuba diver in our system follows our "Rescue Diver Program" and maybe used as an entry level to ITDA Technical Diving from Advanced Nitrox.

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sponge diver

Advanced Specialist

ITDA Advanced Specialist Diver is a unique certification which denotes a diver of the highest standards, who chooses a specialist level.

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AED First Aid

Advanced First Aid

ITDA-IHMP Offer Advanced First Aid training to take our students to the next level with courses in; AED - Oxygen and Advanced Life Support - ALST.+

Advanced First Aid

Technical Diving

International Technical Diving Agency (ITDA), as the name suggests we are technical diver training specialists and from our formation back in 1998 as the ETDA European Technical Diving Agency the ITDA has developed and progressed technical diving in 64+ Countries and now offers higher and safer training standards then many other agencies...With an extensive range of technical programs.  

ITDA Unique Membership programs with great offers!


Entry Level Technical

Our unique Entry Level technical programs begin from Rescue Diver or Other Agencies Advanced Diver and includes rescue skills.

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Steve Technical Diving

Technical Diver

ITDA Technical Diving covers all aspects of diving beyond Scuba Limitations and almost all programs include Deco Diving.

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Submatix CCR

Technical Professional

Our Technical Instructor are above most Pro levels with more Training, Skills Development & Higher Experience.

Technical Instructor

Leadership Levels

ITDA - IHMP use the term "Professional Diver" for many levels beginning with Scuba Leadership and Instructor Levels to Technical Instructor and any divers involved in working in diving for a living. Therefore an UW Welder or Construction diver is in our terms a Professional Diver...

Becoming a diving professional begins with our Leadership and Instructor Programs.

Dive leadership

Dive Leader (Pro Guide)

ITDA Dive Leader can be a Pro Guide, an Assistant Instructor / Club Instructor and a Specialist Instructor.

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Georg Cavern Diving

Specialist Instructor

Our Dive Leader may take courses to become a Specialist Instructor in First Aid, Nitrox and Level 1 Specialist.

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Crossover to ITDA

Leadership level from other agencies are welcome to work with us from just$15 USD. per month Inc. Benefits.

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Professional Diving

ITDA - IHMP use the term "Professional Diver" for many levels beginning with Scuba Leadership and Instructor Levels to Technical Instructor and any divers involved in working in diving for a living. Therefore an UW Welder or Construction diver is in our terms a Professional Diver...

Becoming a diving professional begins with our Leadership and Instructor Programs.

Stride entry

Instructor Training

Our Unique ITP Instructor Training Programs require a leadership certification plus, 100+ Dives and a firm dedication to the education and training of divers & marine conservation.

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CCR Rebreather Divers

Trainer - Assessor

We have two (2) routes to Trainer status;
1. As a course program and 2. As a highly experienced Crossover & Upgrade, approved by ITDA HQ

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ITDA Award

Course Director

Course is open to any Instructor Trainer Levels having first taken our Assessor Program from ITDA Academy. Or by invitation from ITDA HQ.

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Professional & Occupational Diving

Occupational Diving (Professional-Diving) covers any diving activities where a person is considered to be "at work" or employed in diving activities.

We will demonstrate here what is "Occupational Diving" and how it works and is used to support diving industry services.

From Cleaning Boats and anti-fouling, Blanking and sealing, Sea Chest Inspections, NDT, to diving for Scallops or using a hard hat, band mask and surface air or mixed gas.

Public Safety Diving, ROV- UW-Welding, Cutting, Artificial Reef Building. Pre-paring wrecks for sinking and Thruster replacement on support vessels and rigs etc...

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band mask diver

Underwater Welding and Construction diver are just x2 Examples of Pro Diving. There are many more!

There are x3 Primary environments for Pro-Diving employment.

1. In-shore.  2. Off-Shore and  3. In-land.

Primary Industries include: Energy Sector - Oil & Gas - Aqua Cultivation & Marine Research

From Chamber Tours to Operations

Non-medical and Medical Tender and Supervisor

Chamber Operator & DDRC for Divers and HBOT!

See: IHMP Hyperbaric Link