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Scuba Open Water Diver

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Why be a Scuba Diver?

To simply be safely and properly prepared to have the most incredible experience of your life!

This level is the base for all other Scuba and Technical Diving certifications in the diving industry.

Scuba Open Water Diver is the first International Course level that allows unsupervised diving;

Standards EN 14153-2 / ISO 24801-2 for Scuba Diver Training.  
EN 14153-2 Applies in Europe as Autonomous Diver after completing the experience requirements and skills training to full certification.  For any clarification see Standards Page

Safe Skills Development in Confined Water

The Open Water Scuba training program has a lot of very flexible options depending on how much time you have available and what level of diving certification you want to achieve in the available time. Our dive theory is comprehensive and includes a basic understanding of decompression. Even though we are NOT "Decompression Diving at this stage)

The most basic level can be achieved in just two to three days with 6 Open-Water dives minimum, two (2) on each day, on day one you will enjoy a short safety briefing and lecture on basic diving skills required for safe diving.

Each training dive will require the learning and assessment of skills, after which a short dive tour will be included (Air and Time permitting) to give you some experience and practice of new skills).

You will have completed the theory requirements online or self-study, or instructor led (in Class)... Your choice!

All required diving skills are completed in safe shallow water under supervision before being practiced again during actual Scuba dives... Our Aim is your control over your skills, equipment and being "Safe & Comfortable" in the marine environment.

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More Fun Open Water Diving!

Scuba is mostly about just having fun diving - enjoying the marine life and being underwater but we must stress that there needs to be caution exercised as the marine environment for us, as humans requires us to use "Life Support Equipment", and to exercise caution over what we do, how we behave and not to touch anything underwater...

As there may be hazards and minor dangers, and its our responsibility to see that your experience is as safe as possible and that's why we operate higher safety standards for your protection. While maintaining maximum fun!!!

Take the Scuba Open Water Diver Theory Today!

The Scuba Open-Water diver training program can be completed in just two to three days but we highly recommend taking three to four days and thereby taking your time and feeling more relaxed about learning to dive.

Plus you can add 2+ Dives and gain even more valuable diving experience under professional supervision,

We also have a number of options to learn the theory, you can buy your training materials here on-line; as instant downloads from the web, and take them with you when you complete your course program... Or you can buy the materials from your Instructor or dive Centre when you arrive

Start here Today and take the Online theory and save time and money when you are ready to take your practical training. Price will increase on September 1st. to $59 USD.... Plus Certification Fee.... CURRENTLY CERTIFICATION PART 1 FEE $39 USD IS INCLUDED!   Making this program-Great Value for money!

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More options

ITDA Offer a unique choice for Open Water Scuba Diver International Certifications from our Basic - Scuba Open water Diver with 6 Dives and a recommendation to obtain a minimum of 10 Dives experience before diving without supervision.

We can also offer our Plus+ Open Water Diver Program with a minimum of 8 Dives, 6 Training Dives and x2 Experience Dives.

In addition we can also offer an upgrade with 10 dives total to our ITDA Sports Scuba Diver with 6 training dives and 4 Specialist level 1. Programs as an introduction to Specialist Diving.
Mail us for more information - See Contact Link here!

Discover what else we can offer you!
ITDA offer more theory, more skills development, more training and more diving experience...