About non-diving programs

ITDA are a full-service diving industry training business. This simply means that we can offer / cover all elements of diver training and certification and add value by offering higher training standards and add on services and products.

We also offer diving related training and certifications to International standards for non-divers. From learning to Swim - Snorkel and Try Scuba "Experience Programs"...

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Swim / Snorkel

We can offer courses in learning to swim, starting with buoyancy aids and leading to Swimming certifications.  

Also surface Rescue and Life-Saving...

Snorkelling and Free Diving are excellent ways to enjoy maximum fun in the water and we focus our training on

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Experience Programs

Experience Scuba and Day Courses are a well known and accepted way that the majority of people are introduced to Scuba Diving and in most cases you may pay from €60 or 70+ euros to $120 USD+ or more... For the experience!

Why NOT get a limited certification? With us!

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Intro to scubaIntro to scuba

Introduction to Scuba

ITDA have a unique approach to diver training, combining the practical skills required and the dive theory for each level of certification. From beginner / Novice to Diving Professionals and beyond.

As we link core skills and theory with the actual skills and drills practice required to pass evaluation as a competent and safe diver!  

Now offering from 2020 - FREE!  YES FREE Certifications for "Experience Programs" - Get Started (Introduction to Scuba) and Day Courses...

So if you are looking for a great first (1st.) diving Experience choose ITDA e-certificate!  Included with the workbook or also: Take the Online theory and knowledge Link here FOR just $15 USD

YOU Just need to register with us as having completed a program, your instructor can help / direct you...
Your Instructor will need to give you their ITDA number for ref...For them to receive credit and for you get to your e-Certification... Which is emailed directly to you

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IHMP AED First Aid

First Aid Training

IHMP First-Aid and Medical training offer a complete range of training and certifications in First-Aid and Emergency Pre-Hospital Care for all environments and situations, not just for diving injuries and accidents...  From CPR - BLS to First Responder

Operating in 65+ Countries... and growing daily... 

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In addition...

With a little theory about the hazards and risks involved in any activities conducted in Confined or/and Open Water Environments, plus, Skills, Exercises and Environmental Awareness and first-aid training for: Bites, Stings, Venom, Jelly fish etc.

IHMP (International Hyperbaric Medical Programs) were the First-Aid training division of ITDA from the beginning but due to expanding our first aid training and medical certifications beyond the diving industry. IHMP. ECR, modular, training, first-aid, CPR, AED/DEA, Oxygen, emergency care, First Aid at work, IHMP-ECR (Emergency Care Responder), BLS/ALST.
ITDA-IHMP Standards.