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ITDA Dive Leadership Levels

Dive Leadership

Our Leadership levels are unique in the Diving Industry as we do not just train this level to supervise divers in training and act as guides as many agencies do... But we offer a number of upgrade options which can be included in the Dive Leader Certification or may be added later as training modules...

We also offer crossovers and upgrade paths for divers from other agencies with experience.

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ITDA Dive leader

ITDA Dive Leadership Levels - Professional Diver.

The ITDA Dive Leader is a cut above the rest...They require a unique set of diving skills, social skills, training / teaching skills and advanced safety and rescue training...

It takes a very special person to make the grade of ITDA Dive Leader...

All of the major training agencies have their leadership levels and many are very good but our advanced skills and advanced theory training meets and exceeds the Industry standards by a long way...

Making the ITDA Dive Leader Program both challenging and highly rewarding.  The ITDA Leadership program is a standard equal to many agencies instructor training...

Crossover and Upgrade to ITDA Dive Leader from any agency leadership levels, Dive Master, Dive Con, Lead Diver, Supervisor etc. etc. May crossover to the ITDA System and upgrade to ITDA Dive Leader.

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Dive Leader as a Club Instructor

ITDA Dive Leaders may become certified as an upgrade to Club Instructor....  And may also enter directly our Instructor Programs ITP....

See ITDA Instructor page.  Link to Instructor levels To become a dive leader you must have as a minimum: 100+ Dives, 10 of which may be training dives from the dive leader course programBe 18 Years oldust have Advanced Diver and Advanced Rescue CertificationMust have an Oxygen first-aid certification or it maybe included in the Leadership Course

Have at least 30+ logged dives on Nitrox and have 30+ dives to 25m/80ft. or below... Have 5 Specialist Diver Certifications Minimum Level 2 (Nitrox maybe included)

A Rewarding Choice
The traditional role of the dive master has long been a form of "not quite an Instructor and a "Wanna Be" Dive professional...  But often a used and abused role...

The role of the ITDA Dive leader is one of real leadership and professional status. We offer leadership course programs and internships in 64+ Countries around the world. Ranging from 2 months to 6 months as internships as an option.

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Our Dive Leader Generic Course Program Modules:

Introduction to Leadership (Types of Diving - Beach Entry / Boat Diving / Other Entry and Exit Options) What makes an ITDA Dive Leader. Theory: Applied Diving Physics, Physiology, Dive Planning.

Dive Equipment and Safety - Decompression Theory - Conducting Academic and In-water Skills Assessments - Supervising Divers in Training (Identifying and correcting problems)

Advanced Rescue and Diving First Aid (Oxygen First Aid from IHMP or DAN maybe added) Working with Instruction staff and Supervisors. Administration and Reporting Procedures (Risk Assessments and Decision Making). Student reporting and administration.

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What can a Dive Leader do?

Act as a professional Dive Guide. Be an Instructional Assistant.
ITDA Club Instructor (Under the supervision of a Trainer or Senior Instructor)

Automatically pre-qualify for our Instructor Training Programs. Become a Specialist Instructor / Nitrox Instructor (Certified to train Level 1 Specialist divers).

Upgrade to become an ITDA Open Water Scuba Instructor / Drysuit / Club Instructor or pre-qualify for our Scuba Advanced Open Water Instructor level...

ITDA Dive Leaders make excellent staff as they are versatile and have real world skills... Plus workshops now available to our leadership levels include:  Retail Management, Sales and Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Customer retention, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Blog/Vlog Development, Dive Show / Exhibition Sales...   See ITDA Workshops page

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Shout Out for Skills Training

Our Dive Leader program is the backbone of our professional diving levels, you will study new techniques and skills in educating and assessing divers under safe supervision.

Theory Online

Leadership theory with ITDA covers; Educating and training divers from entry level to specialist, Decompression theory, Applied Diving Physics & Physiology & Supervision.

No exams just modular quizzes

Our New Dive Leader Program is now available with modular pass or fail theory and skills assessment models, and we have dropped the final exam for a final in water evaluation,

Verify your Certification app

As ITDA Dive leaders can do more than many other agency leadership levels, we have introduced a special web app. With 24/7/365 support.

Teach & Certify Specialist

ITDA Dive leaders may add pro-training modules to the DL programs for Specialist Certifications in becoming an entry level instructor.

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Nitrox Instrucor Module

ITDA Dive Leaders with Nitrox diving experience may take our new ITDA Nitrox entry level technical instructor program and certify Nitrox Divers.