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ITDA bring you a new training and learning experience with our Workshop programs, Webinars and podcasts from 2019... Our workshop programs are our unique offer to maximize ITDA Partners and the wider diving Community and other training agencies, training facilities, centers and dive shops / resorts etc. investment in developing business at local, national and International levels all around the world...

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We have over 25 years professional experience in developing diver training and certification programs. Choosing to base our advanced education and training on higher educational standards, syllabus & curriculum plus, with skills development and diving safety at the core of our business philosophy.

The workshop programs also include additional add-on services like "Consultancy and Project Management" as a first specialized service package for the Diving Industry... And Dive Show staff and management training  development with counts and FREE offers for existing ITDA Partners but open to any diving business and any agency...

Seminars on sales, marketing and specialist diving subject areas will also be available as seminars at major dive shows around the world from 2023;
Inc. DEMA (USA) and DRT Shows in Asia...
MIDE Malysian International Dive Expo. Anyone may also hire us to "Appear at a Dive Show as guest professional speakers / Industry experts", to help with local business promotion...

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The scale and organisation of operating a diving business in the current climate can be a daunting task in and of itself. And can also be a total money pit, with many small operations committed to a limited staff / management training budget before completely understanding all of the elements and costs / logistics involved in setting up and running a dive business and to maximum benefits...

And to grow your business.  We know because we have done it!

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Starting & Running a Dive Business

When starting a dive business you could gain invaluable advice and insight into operations, sales, marketing and costs, finding staff and retaining them, staff development and training is a major part of keeping staff and management happy in the workplace.  (or it should be!)

Offering them new and different skills sets... Owning and operating a dive business is a very serious investment and you MUST consider your marketing objectives and measurable returns...  

Therefore to take advice and plan correctly with the hindsight of professional expert experience for a small budget, it is a very valuable investment and you will find it is just a small cost compared to making costly mistakes which may increase your operating budget by as much as 30-40%...

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Most Common mistakes when operating a Dive business can but not limited to include:

Common Mistakes
/ Lack of Experience or knowledge

How ITDA Divepro may help!

Poor planning or lack of time to make a plan.
We have retail sales & training business templates to guide you.
Poor Organisation and Logistics Management.
We provide 25 years of experience in International business development, finding & Developing partners in 65 Countries.
Not getting the best value for money / Paying too much for services / suppliers.
We have relationships with the best industry suppliers and can negotiate for the best deals for a new business.
Expense control and budgeting - Financial Planning - Forecasting.
We have International planning & budgeting programs, templates and forecasting tools, with proven records.
Having a clear mission / objective - Knowing what you want to achieve / results from your business & timescales.
The kind of business model you decide in the beginning will save you time, money and a lot of stress later on.
Standing out from the crowd and reducing competition.
We have experience in International Marketing, Sales, Management and Business Development, social media & web. Understanding SEO and technology investments.

Dive Community

The diving community are a unique and very difficult market to crack, and attracting the right people to your business will be a major challenge without any of the common mistakes below costing you a small fortune not just in expenses but also in time and lost revenues...    

We can also offer advice, consultancy, project-management and training... Specifically designed for the Diving / Training Industry.

Are your Staff prepared and trained properly (Staff able to engage and sell / market your business). Preparing Marketing campaigns and organisation of materials / Social Marketing / Web Development.
Having a valuable Promotion / Offer to attract people to your business .

There are many more, all of which are covered in our training and development programs for Sales, Marketing and Management.
These are OPEN to any dive business, you do NOT Have to be an ITDA Business or ITDA Partner, we will help any business from any agency... Track record or new business project?

With the clear exceptions of business that are competing directly with an ITDA Training facility. (Partners will receive FREE help & advice!)

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New Developments for Advanced Diver Training

New e-materials

Using IT and Social Media as marketing tools.
Integrating (CMS) and Blog/Web Development.

New Online Theory

New Online Theory programs for ITDA Training Courses from ITDA Academy as a two part system part 2. In-Water...

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More Challenge
More Rewards

Combining Courses with Upgrades to Technical Certifications, offering multiple Certifications from a course.