Club Diving

club diving

What is Club Diving?

Club Diving is designed for area's, Countries and regions where direct access to dive sites to practice scuba is limited or not available. Or simply wanting to share activities near your home in your local pool.

For example the UK and Northern Europe where diving maybe limited to just a few months a year... Or Dry Suit Diving, allowing divers to be comfortable in colder water. (Below 16c or below 60f.)  

Two problems exist for cold water 1. is Time in-water is limited to personal tolerance and 2. Specialist equipment is required - like a Dry Suit and Cold Water Regulator etc.

Club Diving As Groups

Another great reason to consider Club Diving is the benefit of joining other like minded people in practicing your favorite activity - i.e. Scuba Diving.

Group diving may include forming or joining a Diving Club in:
Schools, Colleges, Universities... At Work Social Clubs or work groups...

Club diving activities
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Club Diving Benefits

One of the major benefits of Club Diving is the ability to share the costs of activities like hiring a swimming pool, Meeting rooms for training...

And discounts from Diving equipment suppliers may be available, reducing costs for the Club Members... Plus Dive Travel tours offering benefits for groups... Note the travel industry have discounts normally from as little as 8 people...Travelling as a group.

Other benefits will include Organising regular diving practice outside of the diving season...

ITDA Club Diving

ITDA Club Diving is interesting as all of the Certification Programs follow our two part cert-protocol.
Part 1. is Theory and Confined Water (Pool Diving) Practice, Exam/Quizzes and
Part 2. is "Open Water" Skills development and Assessment in the Sea or Ocean environment...

ITDA Clubs can also use our IHMP First Aid Programs which maybe trained and certified as Dry (Classroom) Courses...

Because our training (ITDA) standards are Interchangeable and basically the same, Club Certifications have the same International Recognition and Industry Acceptance as all ITDA Training & Certifications. For ISO / ANSI EN and other Standards...

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How to become an ITDA Dive Club

Who can start a Dive Club and what do you need?

ITDA Dive Leaders and Scuba Instructors may start a Club... With direct support from ITDA HQ.

ITDA Club Members can benefit from the unique ITDA Membership system.

ITDA HQ can help with the template "Constitucion" for Club Formations or a Club can be run as a business...To ensure legal compliance...

Club Instructor
  • club diving international

    An ITDA Dive Leader may take a program / upgrade and certify as an ITDA Club Instructor. (Entry Level Scuba Instructor and can certify up to ITDA Rescue Diver. To certfy higher levels they need to upgrade to ITDA Open Water Instructor.

  • Club CPR

    ITDA Club Diver is an equal level to ITDA Open Water Scuba Diver or Industry Open water diver and may dive unsupervised with a buddy of equal or higher certification to a maximum depth of 20m/66ft.

  • Club System

    Any ITDA members wanting to form a Club System can obtain a great deal of support from ITDA HQ who have helped our members form dive clubs all over the world.

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Club Training Materials

ITDA Club Diving International Certifications follow the same standards as ITDA-IHMP International, therefore materials are the same...

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Free updates

ITDA Club Divers have the same benefits as ITDA International members and may join ITDA as a Member at Club Level.

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User Friendly

Friendships and relationships are formed in sharing a common interest in scuba diving and can last a lifetime..

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