Scuba Diving Professionals

A Career in Diving from Leadership to working divers

ITDA Career in Diving

Most diver training agencies offer a professional route to becoming a dive professional as Instructor training but ITDA also offer our unique "ITDA Dive Leader Programs, As Specialist Instructor & Diver Jobs", and "Occupational Diving Programs" for divers to gain professional employment. As working Professional Divers...

Link to ITDA Dive leader - Specialist Instructorful face mask

Entry Level Careers in Diving (Dive Leader)

The ITDA Dive Leader Program has been upgraded to create a Professional Entry Level for At work diving with three exciting instructor module upgrades for 2022/23

Only ITDA Trainer Assessor's may train and Certify these levels with authority from ITDA HQ (Based on Experience & Certification). IT Instructor Trainer Levels any agency may crossover to become an ITDA Trainer Assessor completing the ITDA Academy Assessor Online Program. Link Here!

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  • club diving

    Dive Leaders may become ITDA Club - Scuba Instructors. Training and Certifying part 1. Open Water Training Under Supervision.

  • research diver

    Specialist Instructor and Professional Diver Supervisor. Research & Scientific Diving. Fisheries and Aquaculture. Nitrox & IHMP First Aid Instructor.

  • SAA full face mask

    Occupational Professional Diver, UW Welder, NDT, Inspection / Testing, Surface Air Supervisor (SSA). Hard Hat, Band Mask Diving with Comms. Chamber operations.   Link below to Occupational Diving

pro diver

ITDA Offers More Opportunities

Most diver training agencies offer a professional route to becoming a dive professional but ITDA also offer our unique "Occupational Diving Programs" for divers to gain professional employment.

With programs from; Construction Diving. Level 1 to L3. Plus Research & Scientific Diving, Fisheries - Aquaculture, UW ROV - Video and use of specialist equipment for Cutting & Welding etc.

ITDA Instructor Training - ITP

Instructor Training Programs
ITDA-IHMP International Technical Diving Agency

We are unique in the diving industry as being the only Dive Professional Program that offer our ITP Candidates three x3 Instructor Certifications included...

Open Water Instructor - IHMP First Aid Instructor
and Nitrox Instructor.
3:1 x3 Instructor levels from one ITP...

Levels from: Swimming & Snorkelling Instructor (ITDA Dive Leader - Specialist Instructor) As an entry level instructor...

Advanced Instructor - Specialist Instructor - Instructor Training - Trainer Assessor - Course Director - Assessor Examiner...

Taiwan pros
instructor briefing

Scuba Open Water Instructor

Our Scuba Open Water Professional can train and certify all ITDA Non-Diving, Snorkelling, Entry Level Scuba Diving and all levels that they are certified to train by ITDA HQ. Normally includes all levels to Dive Leader... But programs maybe restricted or expanded based on timescales... From 6-7 Days to 10 Days...

A NEW Entry Level Instructor program based on our Leadership levels and entry from other agency Dive Master Level as an Upgrade to Scuba Instructor... May train and certify: Day Courses and Introduction to Scuba...

International Club Instructor is also an Upgrade from all Leadership levels... (Any Agency)

Upgrade to Advanced Instructor - Assessor - Specialist Instructor are also available...

But maybe restricted by HQ or an ITDA Regional Office.

Nitrox Open Water Instructor (Entry Technical Pro)

Our unique ITDA Nitrox Instructor has three x3 levels. 1. Nitrox Scuba Instructor (may train and Certify mixes to 40% Oxygen with a focus on 32 and 36%...

We also have Advanced Nitrox Scuba Instructor (Oxygen to 50% with Decompression and Ntech "Technical Nitrox" entry level Technical Instructor - includes Nitrox to 80% for advanced decompression

Also may train and certify ITDA Gas Blender "Specialist Course" if certified and experienced... In Nitrox and / or Mixed Gas Diving (Trimix)

Decompression diving
surface rescue

        IHMP Instructor

IHMP First Aid Instructor can train and certify IHMP Programs by modules: CPR BLS - Diving First Aid
(Marine Life Injuries),
Oxygen First Aid and AED/DEA Defibrillator First Aid...

Other IHMP Modules Include:

CPR - BLS (Basic Life Support)
Sports Injuries First Aid - First Aid at Work
First Responder - Pre Hospital emergency care
Combat First Aid - Advanced First Aid
LST/ALST Life Support Technician
Hyperbaric Chamber Operations -
Chamber Tender
(Medical & Non-medical) Chamber Supervisor.
Medical Training Director...

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