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ITDA Experience Programs


Very simply they are entry level training programs with certifications as required, based on zero - no prior experience in scuba or non-scuba activities.

They are intended to be the FIRST STEP towards learning more and experience may lead to a credit for or an entry level cerification...

Experience Programs

Try Scuba - Day Course

Day courses are defined by being a great day out with snorkelling and a try Scuba session in a safe confined water area, enclosed bay and shallow water.

Maximum Safety - Maximum Fun...Learn how to snorkel & Try Scuba Diving.

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Introduction to Scuba

The Introduction to Scuba is a unique ITDA experience program which offers a credit for the experience towards the ITDA Open Water Scuba program.

This is usually 1-2 Dives, 1 with skills for safety and 2nd for Fun / Exploring underwater.

Cold water diving
Open Water Scuba Diver+

This level is the first International Diving certification that allows unsupervised diving and is taught to meet International standards. (Time 4-5 Days)

With 8 Open Water Dives and around 8-10 hours dive theory (Theory can be done online)

You do not need any previous experience or to be an Olympic Swimmer

All you will need is a reasonably healthy set of lungs and no history of heart problems or major illness. We do require a medical form be completed and in some circumstances a Medical clearance from a doctor maybe required...

Some areas require this by local laws) It is nothing to worry about!

Be prepared to be stunned by the marine world.

If this is your first scuba diving experience you will find it fun, exciting and very Interesting to say the least. You will be weightless and able to move in every direction - Forwards - Backwards - and Up & Down... Like a Fish!

Tortuga - Green Sea Turtle - Fun & Friendly to see... (But Do NOT Touch!)

Once you get used to breathing underwater you will be relaxed.

Your Instructor will give you details of how to register your experience and claim your credit towards upgrading to a full scuba certification. Plus you can apply for your  e-card and if you want to know more you can join ITDA for a one year FREE membership with limited benefits.

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