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ITDA are growing world-wide and are actively looking for training partners. We can offer a unique and fast developing business model based on reduced competition and exclusive rights.
is our unique partnership franchise agreement! Copyrights owned by Stephen J. Craig-Murray.

Own Your "Diver Training Agency" or become a partner

With the ITDA® "Divepro®" franchise, you could own an exclusive partnership to develop a diver training and certification agency business as your own, operating under the ITDA Group International Inc. Ltd. (Global) Banner.  

Basic Partnership Plans start from just $149 per month with some great benefits Or as an Annual Fee $1499 USD. Savings of two months subscriptions.

"International Technical Diving Agency (ITDA) Europe". (UK. Scandinavia, Middle-East, Africa and Europe ITDA EMEA ) All have Divepro® partners for standards and training support, with a higher level of joint branding, using our Internationally recognised industry standards.

Note: "ITDA®" and "Divepro®" are registered trademarks and intellectual property of Stephen J. Craig-Murray and International Technical Diving Agency (ITDA EU) ITDA Agencia de Buceo S.L. / ITDA Group International Inc.Ltd...

You can also negotiate for an Exclusive ITDA Dive Academy, or ITDA Dive College status for On-line training.

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What do you get as a franchise of ITDA® / Divepro®

You get an "Exclusive Operating Agreement" for a particular area, territory, Country or Region.

Exclusive with us simply means; that we will NOT ALLOW any other ITDA business in your area to operate, exclding any ITDA Competition with you!. (IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU MUST BE EXCLUSIVE TO ITDA) But many additional benefits exist if you do decide to be exclusive!

To be agreed under specific terms by both parties. We will NOT allow any other ITDA/divepro business in your area as agreed.  NOTE: Existing ITDA business may be funnelled through you as our Divepro representative with a profit share process.

You also will have the option to get first hand in-house training for your diving staff and management from our regional managers and ITDA HQ staff which may include the founders of ITDA®.  

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