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UK diving

ITDA Club Diving & Cold Water

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Pool Training and Pool Practice are vitally important in this environment

UK Diving

ITDA United Kingdom

Cold water diving builds character? Or does it? It is certainly true that Dry suit diving has challenges and risks beyond normal Scuba-Diving.

The environment makes new divers more careful and more aware of their surroundings due to the fact that most open water UK diving training is done in lakes and quarries.

UK Divers need to develop an early mastery of basic skills or risk a serious accident. Buoyancy control in a dry suit means that weighting and trim are vital skills...

UK Club Diving

The UK Diving scene is dominated by Club Systems as the environment is perfect for "Club Diving", where students can study theory and use swimming pools to practice skills on a regular basis.

The ITDA 2 part Certification system is perfect for this as students can study on line at ITDA Academy and then attend weekly or bi-weekly pool training sessions to develop and practice skills... Allowing a stress free learning process. All of this is our part 1. And no rushing skills to move on (Like on a Resort or Vacation Open water course).

Part 2. Offers even more opportunities to complete your diving course program with options to dive in Lakes / Quarries or in-land water ways (For most of the UK this will be DRY SUIT diving. Or join your ITDA Club Travel team and finish your course for your Open Water or Other Certification on a vacation in a resort / warm water environment. Two of the UK favorite diving is in Spain - Canary Is. and Red Sea - Egypt (Dahab & Sharm El Sheikh)...

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