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From 2004 to 2008 we were quite strong in Egypt with partners in Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab and across the Sinai / Red Sea region.

After 2008 we lost a lot of business in this area as the world recession took hold and Centres closed...

We are now looking to regroup and develop new partners in this area / region. And as we now have a travel business in our portfolio we can actually drive business to our partners.

New Partner in South Sinai Egypt.


Tarek Omar

Training Centre of Excellence in Dahab, South Sinai...

Tarek Omar is appointed by ITDA HQ as our representative in Egypt for: Sports Scuba - Technical Diving - Professionals Training and IHMP First Aid and Medical Certifications.

Diving vacations in the Red Sea region...

Please Mail me - Tarek
omar itda egypt
Red Sea Diver

Are you looking for a change?

We are working hard looking for training partners to grow the business in this region / area, which offers some unique business opportunities with us, as we have very little competition in the region and have been very successful marketing with local partners against the industry USA giant, PADI and many others.

As ITDA Offers higher standards and better value for money! Plus now with NO Annual Renewal Fees, just a low cost monthly subscription service with benefits, New e-certs and e-card with a phone app in development. Plus, lower cost entry for business partners, ITDA are the no 1. Choice for developing markets...

We offer students, Divers and Professionals More!

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More Choices, More Flexibility and More Education and Training, plus More Dives and More Experience.

We also offer No annual renewals, instead we have introduced a New Membership System with low cost monthly subscriptions.
Saving Your Cash flow!

Red Sea Diving
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