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ITDA Instructor Trainer

ITDA Sports Scuba Instructor Training and Certification to International Standards.

About the ITDA Instructor Trainer Programs from Training Scuba and Specialist instructors to Advanced Instructors and Instructor Assessor Workshops.

Trainer Programs and workshops are available by region: UK/Europe - Middle-East - Scandinavia - Asia and USA. And online from ITDA Academy


How to become an ITDA Trainer?

How to become an ITDA Instructor Trainer Firstly candidates at this level should have as a minimum the following experience levels:

Be 21 years or older3 years experience as a Scuba Instructor or Specialist Instructor (or 2 years if Technical)Demonstrate above average training, teaching, and Assessment Skills for Instructors

Have a basic knowledge of Education and training at an academic levelPass at 85% the ITDA Trainer Exam or online program

Advanced Diving

How to Qualify?

Requirements to Qualify As an ITDA Instructor Trainer

Have a minimum experience of working with at least 2 ITP Courses
Have a recommendation / reference from your ITDA Trainer or Course Director or other agency
Be Assessed and evaluated by an ITDA Staff Assessor Examiner training instructors
Demonstrate Advanced Rescue Skills (Rescue x2 Trainers or 1xCD and 1xTrainer)Assess and Evaluate a minimum of 4 Instructor Candidates in Theory and Diving Skills
Be knowledgeable in Diving Physics, Physiology and Decompression Theory

Demonstrate First-Aid Skills in DCS and DCI Injuries, Use a BVM or Power Ventilator

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