IHMP First Aid Training & Certifications

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IHMP (International Hyperbaric Medical Programs) were the First-Aid training division of ITDA from the beginning (1998) but due to expanding our first aid training and medical certifications beyond the diving industry. IHMP. ECR, modular, training, first-aid, CPR, AED, DEA, Oxygen, emergency, First Aid at work, IHMP-ECR (Emergency Care Responder), BLS/ALST. ITDA diving First Aid, Standards.   FREE Online CPR Program

ihmp first aid training

         CPR-BLS First Aid

CPR First Aid Training is for anyone to learn the basic steps in life saving first aid and offers a basic certification level in First Aid using International standards and up to date techniques.

CPR Basic Life Support

surface rescue

Aquatic Rescue

Was created to meet a real need in offering Rescue and First-Aid Training to anyone who works in or around the water, where an accident in-water could occur. Pool Staff, Hotel Staff, Guards.

Aquatic Rescue & Recovery

Oxygen instrucctor

      Oxygen-AED First Aid

Oxygen First Aid and AED First Aid are both training modules available as certifications for both divers and the public. Training to International standards with EURC and the UK RC...

Oxygen - AED First Aid

IHMP First Aid Training & Certifications

ITDA - IHMP Offer more theory, more in-depth training and more rescue experience in our programs than any other training and certification agency...

We also include: Surface Assists and Surface Rescue(s) (various techniques for Men, Women and Children) also Recovery skills, from Shore/Surface and in-water life saving skills.

Plus first aid for specific water related injuries, including: Drowning and other Injuries... For Conscious and Unconscious non-breathing injured persons.
Additional Training & Certifications to International Standards: First Responder - At Work First Aid - Pre Hospital Care - Trauma Care

cpr - bls first aid

First Responder

Our First Responder program is a pre-hospital course offering primary care and trauma injury treatment. 3-4 days.

First Responder

deep rescue

Diving First Aid (New)

Rescue and recovery of sick or injured divers covering marine life injuries and Decompression Sickness/Illness. 1-2 Days.

Diving First Aid

judo sports injuries first aid

Sports Injuries First Aid

First Aid program designed for anyone involved with "At Risk" sports where injuries may occur like martial arts, football etc.

Sports Injuries First Aid

Whether you need help deciding which training program will work best for your needs, have a question about one of our products, or just want to make sure we really are as human as we claim... just mail us at admin@diveitda.com

fall, first aid at work

First Aid at Work

Our First Aid at work program meets and exceeds standards for health & safety standards. Program 3-4 days.

First Aid at Work

AED First Aid

IHMP Instructor

IHMP Instructor program is designed for anyone who wants or needs to train and certify First Aid training 1-2 days.

IHMP Instructor

Oxygen instrucctor

IHMP Trainer

IHMP Instructor trainer programs are open to any First Aid Instructors or EMS Medics or Any agency trainers. 2 days.

IHMP Trainer

IHMP First Aid Training & Certifications

ihmp e-cert

Sample of e-certificate

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Our New 2022/23 e-certification system has been extended to include IHMP First Aid and Medical Graduate Certificates and Diploma's. See Example here!

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IHMP First aid training & certifications

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