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Who Are We?

What Do we Do? - How Do we Do it (Operate)
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       Who are We?

We are a training and Certification agency for the Diving industry and so much more...

ITDA were formed in 1998 from a growing need for higher standards, higher education and safer training, to combat the Fast-Track mentality that meant safety corners where being cut to save time & money.

The industry was being "Market Driven" not standards driven.

 We are the ITDA Family!
Georgina Craig
Admin Director / Course Director

Georgina has 20+ Years of diving experience and is our Director of Administration and run our certification department and is an HQ Staff Examiner. Georgina has been with ITDA since 2002 and continues to inspire ITP candidates.

Georgina has experience as a University lecturer and professional level diving certs with PADI & ITDA.

Steve Craig-Murray
CEO & Director of Education

Steve has over 40+ years experience in professional diving and has a background in Military and Scientific diving he was the original founder of ITDA as the ETDA (European Technical Diving Agency)
back in 1998 in the UK & Spain.

Now he manages ITDA in 65 Countries Worldwide with partners.

Steve was also a University lecturer and
held senior Professional levels with PADI - IDEA - NAUI-IANTD-TDI & CMAS before ITDA.

David Craig
David Craig
Health & Safety Standards

Dave has a background in the UK Military and the Fire and Rescue services.

He is our Health & Safety Director and advises ITDA on many aspects of training for safer conduct and compliance with UK and International Regulations.

Dave is a certified ITDA Diver and now mostly retired but still enjoys diving...

What do we do?

We educate, train and certify divers and Professionals in Scuba Diving,

Technical Diving and First aid Training to International Standards
Free diving

As many people would love to try scuba diving but may not feel 100% comfortable in the water or with their swimming skills.

Or maybe never learned to swim, it made sense for us to offer our leadership and Instructor levels the opportunity to train and certify Swimming & Snorkelling.

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Cold water diving
Experience Programs

Our Experience program s are unique in the diving industry as most agencies do not certify a "Try Dive:" or Day Courses "Introduction to Scuba".

We offer a limited supervised certification valid for up to 2 years (to upgrade) for Scuba Open Water Diver Certification.

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Scuba ITDA
Scuba Diving Certifications

Scuba Open Water Diver is our first International Certification level that allow "unsupervised diving" and opens up a world of dive tours & opportunities to experience more from diving.

With access directly to Rescue diver and level 1. Specialist Certifications, after just 10 dives experience.

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First Aid Training & Certification

IHMP International Hyperbaric Medical Programs are our "First Aid & Hyperbaric", training and certifications for divers & non divers, with a full range of levels...

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Technical Diving

We began as a technical diving agency and for many years, from 1998-2005 taught only technical & specialist diving. In 2005 we added Sports Scuba.

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Leadership & Professionals

We have an extensive range of unique Leadership & Instructor training  to the highest standards in our industry with more opportunities. We can do more!

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How we operate is different from what we do!

ManualBuoyancy controlDivers
More Theory Knowledge

ITDA has more dive theory and we teach decompression theory from "Open Water Scuba" and Offer FREE CPR...

Theory Knowledge
More Skills Development

We go above and beyond standards with skills development with our "3" C's...
Comfort - Competence - Confident

Skills Development
More Training Dives

Most agencies only offer 4 Open water dives at "Open Water Scuba" we include 6 dives & recommend 8-10 dives.

About Training Dives
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More Diving Experience

We recommend a minimum 10 Open Water Dives experience before progressing to the next level...

Higher Standards & Compliance

Although we offer full 100% compliance with ISO & ANSI/EN Standards, all of our certifications require exceeding these.

ITDA-IHMP Standards
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Upgrades based on experience

ITDA training requires a minimum of previous diving experience from 10 dives to 30 dives for Advanced.

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Since the Covid lockdown in 2020 we have been expanding online training with
ITDA Academy

ITDA Online - Academy

If you are a diver looking for a career in professional diving!

Team ITDA "The Best Team Ever!"

The ITDA Team is not just a title,

it is of real value as ITDA-IHMP

Certifications are hard earned,

with challenging skills and

demanding theory knowledge,

way above average.

Making your ITDA-IHMP

Certification a real reward!
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