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We love big fish!
ITDA Shark Diving Experience
One of our many "Specialist" Certifications
- Deep Air - DPV - Side Mount - Marine Life
- Cavern - Cave - CCR Rebreather / SCR
- Photography - Video (digital)

Over 60 Programs in 3 stages;
1 Intro. 2 Intermediate. 3 Advanced.

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  • Established since 1998

  • Working with you as partners not merely a business

We love to help small business grow.

Our objectives are in-line with yours. ITDA working with you to help your grow your business and making diving safer for all...

ITDA is NOT interested in being the biggest training agency or even world domination, we just want to offer a viable alternative at an affordable cost. With higher standards and more skills training, more theory and developing the tools to help all our dive training partners to be highly competitive and effective in today's market place.