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Standards Compliance

ITDA comply with the majority of Industry standards and in most cases we do NOT just comply with them, we actually exceed all minimum industry requirements.

With More Theory - More Skills, More Training & More Diving Experience... Than many others...
RSTC-WRSTC-CMAS-IDSSC-ISO-ANSI/EN-National Federations etc.

ITDA Professionals give nothing away, all certifications are earned and standards are upheld, across all levels...

With ITDA Certification you can be sure you have been trained NOT just to International standards but to higher ITDA standards for safety, International compliance and skills competence.

IDSSC International Diving & Safety Standards Council

IDSSC Mission is to Advise recreational divers, public safety and professional divers on new techniques and diving regulations.

The IDSSC frequently receives inquiries about their standards and safety recommendations to apply to recreational diving operations.


The IDSSC has evaluated the most up-to-date diving standards and regulations created by the best organizations in the world and adopted by different international companies.

Our job is to find solutions to each of the problems associated with diving, depending on the location and type of diving operations.

When all the dive shops / training facilities in an area are offering the same courses and products, it stands to reason that most customers will look ONLY to the price! (For a difference!)

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