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Standards Compliance

With Industry standards and in most cases we do NOT just comply we actual exceed all minimum Industry requirements.
SUF (Singapore Underwater Federation) A CMAS Body. etc.

ITDA Professionals give nothing away, all certifications are earned and standards are upheld, across all levels... Our Quality Assurance Survey is open to all ITDA-IHMP Certification Levels.

With ITDA Certification you can be sure you have been trained NOT just to International standards but to higher ITDA-IHMP standards for safety, skills, theory and competence.

Not just meeting Standards but exceeding them!

ITDA does much more than just meet international standards, we exceed them at every level of our diver, professional and first-aid training and International certification programs in 9 Languages and  now in over 64+ Countries Worldwide and growing daily with new partners.

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Our Industry in Sports Diving has been dominated by one major
player and this only serves to increase PRICE COMPETITION
between training facilities of that agency
and reduced choice
for the customer.(Note: You cannot make money by giving it away!)

When all the dive shops / training facilities in an area are offering the same courses and products, it stands to reason that most customers will look ONLY to the price! (For a difference!)

Therefore you have a great advantage at this time to actually gain
more business, simply by offering the customer something different...

Plus it's very easy to sell against competitors when you can clearly show additional benefits...

More Theory More Training, More actual dives (Experience!)students will understand how they get more from ITDA and the value is easy to explain and for them to understand...

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ITDA Membership system

         Above & Beyond

ITDA offer standards, training materials and core skills above and beyond Industry standards, with the simple objective of not just certifying divers but only certifying divers who are totally competent and confident in their skills and who have met our very high standards in diving education and diving skills for the level that they are certified to...

Going even further with our unique process of certification; testing, assessing, examining and evaluation at every stage of education and training. ITDA Divers really earn their certifications and our professionals are among the best in the industry..

But with the real advantage of not directly competing on products or services with what others are offering.

PLUS+ More course options and NOW OUR LOW COST Entry Level to Scuba Experience programs, with $10.00 USD MATERIALS and FREE e-certification (It COSTS YOU AMOST NOTHING to Certify your experience programs. All we need are the students email details and permission to send them information...)

ITDA International are actively marketing the concept of Multi-Agency Training and Education. And our unique objectives and benefits include:  

A Higher Value for Money Perception to your customers. Your Customers get more, more theory, more training, more dives for the same or even a little more than they would spend with other training facilities, PLUS they get something extra:

FREE Membership of ITDA for one year with their certification, with additional membership benefits for paid
membership options - FREE access to their certifications on our database (With FREE Diver Check - E-card)  Membership of ITDA

Standards Development

Sports Scuba Standards  
Not all Training agencies
are the same!  

Our programs are designed to maximize safety while offering a challenging and exciting diving experience. ITDA meet and exceed all recreational ISO and ANSI/EN standards for the EU (Europe) and Internationally.

We both recognise and accept the standards that other organisations offer as in: PADI, CMAS, BSAC, SSAC, NAUI, SSI, IANTD, TDI/SDI & TDI/SDI Europe,
GUE, ANDI, IDEA, VSDT, FEDAS, NASDS, PDIC, RAID, YMCA and the standards that others have set and we offer "Equal" training levels
for those wishing to cross over to our Agency.

Technical Standards 

For many Countries they still still do not have standards for Sports Diving and generally International Standards are adopted from the
Industry or Government Standards like UK HSE are widely considered to be of the highest standard as diving in the UK is regulated by law...  

UK HSE vet and assess every training agency they approve to operate in the UK.  ITDA has held UK HSE approval since 2005...

We meet and exceed the following International Standards from ISO - ISO 11121:2009, Recreational diving services – Requirements for introductory training programs to scuba diving, and ISO 11107:2009, Recreational diving services – Requirements for training programs on enriched air Nitrox (EAN) diving, answer the needs of this expanding market where competent training is essential.

ITDA International. - ITDA Asia Pacific and Asia S.E. - International Technical Diving Agency (Europe). And ITDA Middle East, ITDA USA and Canada meet and exceed these and many other; National, Federal and International standards....

Where no national or International Standards exist we can be commissioned to create them and to direct and focus on our knowledge and experience to make diver training safer and can include: Occupational diving - At Work Divers, UW Welding, Public Safety Diving, Professional Rescue, Research & Scientific Diving. Fisheries and Aqua culture. Projects of any size?

We can also be consulted on oil and gas industry (Energy Sector) diving projects, training and project management.

Training Partners have included: TSTC Malaysia. Training and Certifying Malaysian Federal Fire Service in Professional Rescue and Public Safety Diving, plus Occupational Diving - Construction Diver - UW Cutting and Welding etc. Link below:
TSTC - Malaysia Link

Direct Link to United Kingdom UK HSE Government Standards Site...

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ITDA Compliance Statement

ITDA International. and "International Technical Diving Agency", Also operating the trading body of "ITDA Europe" EU. and the ITDA Group International Inc. Ltd.(Hong Kong Asia)

ITDA-IHMP Learning Process

Hereby state that our "International Standards" will meet with, comply and exceed any and all state, federal, national and International standards requirements for safety in diving instruction, education and the application of safe diving practice and procedures for diver and professional training and certification.

To ISO Standards as named above and to National and International Standards as required by our operating Countries and ITDA  regional offices.

See here our unique Process for Learning and Skills development with Core Learning (What does this level of diver need to know and understand).

Critical Skills Development (What are the most important safety skills? )

Can the student perform these skills with Confidence, Comfortably and to the required level of "Competence", to meet ITDA passing grade standards. If so then certification may be given... If not then remedial training may be employed at additional cost to the student. Final process is Assessment followed by Evaluation and grading.

International Compliance

ITDA has been setting higher training standards and higher quality education since 1998...

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Overview IDSSC

Our philosophy: ¨Every diver is a person with a high human value" and not a number with high commercial value. Therefore Safety comes before profits...

Learn more,,,

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Overview ISO

ISO - International Standards Organisation are an International body, based in Switzerland who offer recommendations for minimum diver training requirements.

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Overview ANSI/EN

ANSI/EN Standards (Europe) ANSI(EN) Is the Austrian National Standards Institute (in English). Standards relating to Diving in the European Community.

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New Standards Coming in September 2022

Due to the major problems and massive law suit / legal action being taken by the US Government against a major trainig agency.

We are planning to not just learn from the mistakes made but to implement procedures to ensure that the causes are fully understood.

As the situation was 100% preventable and a young woman lost her life needlessly.

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  • Diver app cert

    We are revising our Open Water, entry level Scuba certifications to include more experience dives. And also have already introduced a new e-cert system to do away with plastic ID cards. To be more green. SAVE the Planet!

  • centre ITDA

    We are also introducing a New recognition system for our training partners based on standards NOT on paying fees. Regional partners will make assesements and evaluations of ITDA Centres.


    We are also revising our Instructor training programs requiring more entry diving experience of 250 Experience logged dives to enter an ITP ITDA-Instructor Program. With more advanced Deco theory and quaifications on exit as an IHMP Diving Accident, Oxygen and AED Instructor, Plus Nitrox and Decompression Specialist Instructor.