What is an ITDA Partner?

ITDA-IHMP Training partners are a unique concept in the Diving Industry, as we do not operate like most training agencies, the majority of whom follow a PADI format (ISO - ANSI/EN). We have higher training standards which at our most basic levels meet the ISO-ANSI/EN Standards and in all cases we exceed the basic industry standards. By Offering the Highest Instructor training standards, and all diving courses have more theory, more training skills and more training dives.  See ITDA Standards Page for more!

We have changed our status in 2022 to become a subscription service for our members and we operate under a "Constitution" rather than just as a business / Company operating under articles of association. This means that we are accountable & not hiding behind a Corporation.

We are a legal trading entity in many regions as a Corporation or as a Company limited by shares or a Guarantee system. At HQ we use the term partner as most would use the term client or customer - however we do NOT see our members like that.

Hence we call our Professionals and Training facilities "ITDA Training Partners"...

Our five year plan to 2027 is to expand ITDA-IHMP as far as possible without having our partners in competition with each other and then create a "New International Company" and offering shares offers to all of those membership partners who helped us create this amazing goal... Any ITDA or IHMP Graduate can become a member partner by a simple application process and paying a small monthly fee from just $10 USD. (This will then convert into a membership share in the future!) The value of which will be determined by the ITDA Board of Directors.

Our First step is the new membership system.Plus offering shares to our membership, allowing ITDA & IHMP Certified persons at all levels the opportunity to own a share in their Training and Certification Agency... This will be a great Industry first!

Truly making ITDA your training agency...

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How to become an ITDA partner?

In an effort to simplify our previously complex procedures we have created just three very simple levels of ITDA-IHMP Partnership and we answer some important questions:

What is the difference between ITDA Partnership and ITDA Membership?

Partnership only applies to ITDA Professional Member Levels and Training facilities. i.e. Partner
Membership is for all ITDA IHMP professional levels and training facilities But NOT Diver Levels.

Partnership Covers also ITDA - IHMP Membership - So you pay only one low subscription fee monthly -
ITDA-IHMP International Link


Inflation Proof!  As subscription fees are fixed for 1 year minimum... You pay with confidence knowing fees are fixed...

Pro Members issuing ITDA-IHMP Certifications.

ITDA Membership with benefits applies to all ITDA Students who have graduated any
ITDA or IHMP Levels of Certification. Full online certifications with e-cert emailed directly
to your divers.

We have just four simple x4 levels: 1. FREE (White Basic) - 2 - 1st Paid Level (Blue) - Divers and IHMP
Certs. $10 USD p.m. 3. Silver Level 3. for Advanced & Technical Divers from just $15 USD p.m.
and level 4 for Instructors (Gold Level) from just $20 USD.... For professionals from any agency...

Free Membership
(White Level 1st Year after certification) and we have an upgrade for
Paid Membership Blue Level from just $10 USD pm. Subscription to Basic Membership.
With full benefits...

NOTE: Unpaid membership has only the online certification - verification service benefit, no other benefits will apply... No access to offers or discounts or other paid benefits. This is free for the first year after certification thereafter there is a membership requirement of a one off annual service payment of just $10 USD per year... (This is to cover our overheads on maintaining our database (CMS) services. If you are a subscription member the service is included.

Plus an option to upgrade to Premium Membership full services & extra benefits from just $15 USD per month. Personal Member Link

Who will benefit most from the new ITDA-IHMP Partnership levels?

All levels will benefit based on their status i.e. A Basic Member maybe offered less services & benefits than a Paid Premium Member, with Discounts and Access to ITDA Partner Offers like: Dive Training, Tours, Live-aboard Offers and deals on Branded Goods & Training Material discounts, upgrades and access to courses from ITDA Academy, from ITDA HQ.

How to become an ITDA - IHMP Training partner simply choose your level below and make your application - Or Contact us and we can help!

Training Partner Application FormTraining Partner PlansTraining Partner Facility Plans
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Training Facilities / Partners
Membership plans that
will fit your needs

Here are our most popular monthly plans.

If you have any business that services the diving community, Dive Shop - Training Facility - Dive Club (Any agency) Diving Services Business -
Live-aboard Dive Boat - Federation membership - Occupational - Underwater Services - Professional Training etc.

We have a Partner Plan to Suit You...With monthly subscription payments to help your cash flow - No large up-front annual payments and you can quit anytime!
To make an Annual Payment please request an invoice by email - You will pay for ten (10) months not twelve (12) receiving 2 months discount...
Depending on the size of your business you may be offered further discounts based on paying for 2,3 or 5 years...

ITDA Team Partners by Country - Region

To find ITDA Training and Certification from the world's top professional Instructors, Trainers, Assessors and Training Facilities.

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Buceo España
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Canary Islands
Lanzarote - Gran Canaria

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England - Wales - Scotland
Northern Island
Beer Divers Devon

ITDA UK have been UK HSE Approved as a diver training agency since 2005.

                        Stefan Zgebura                  Email: info@itda.sk                 BRATISLAVA
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E.L. Diving - Benelux
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Jon Terje Viken
Advanced ITDA Instructor
Dive Norway & Tours...
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Alan O'Beirne
Tarek Omar
Dahab Sinai
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Micheal Haddad
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Occupational Diving
Scuba-Technical (Kemaman)
New Partner in Brunei
Poni Marine
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Contact Hui: itda_dive@hotmail.com   Tel: +65 969 55645
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