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One of the major differences between us and other agencies is our concept that we as an agency we belong to our members...

International Training partners

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About our partners

ITDA are continuing to grow world-wide and are actively looking for training partners on a global scale.

We choose our training partners with the greatest care and conduct "Due Diligence and background checks"... Partners must demonstrate a passion for diving and education.

We can offer a unique and fast developing business model based on reduced competition and exclusive training rights.  (Where appropriate)

How to become an ITDA Training Partner? or Work with us as a Professional.

See divepro®  for details of our unique partnership franchise agreement!  

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What is an ITDA Partner?

ITDA-IHMP Training partners are a unique concept in the Diving Industry, as we do not operate like most training agencies most of whom are for profit businesses or are registered as not for profits business.

We have changed our status in 2022 to become a subscription service for our members and we operate under a "Constitution" rather than just a business / Company operating under articles of association.

We are a legal trading entity in many regions as a Corporation or as a Company limited by shares. We use the term partner as most would use the term client or customer - however we do NOT see our members like that.

Hence we call our Professionals and Training facilities "ITDA Partners"...

Our five year plan to 2027 is to expand ITDA-IHMP as far as possible without having our partners in competition with each other and then create a "New International Company" and giving share offers back to all of those partners who helped us create this amazing goal...

Our First step is the new membership system.Plus offering shares to our membership, allowing ITDA & IHMP Certified persons at all levels the opportunity to own a share in their Training and Certification Agency... This will be a great Industry first!

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How to become an ITDA partner?

In an effort to simplify our very complex procedures we have created just three very simple levels of ITDA-IHMP Partnership and answer some important questions:

What is the difference between ITDA Partnership and ITDA Membership?

Partnership only applies to ITDA Professional Member Levels and Training facilities. i.e. Pro Levels.
Partnership Covers also ITDA - IHMP Membership - So you pay only one low subscription fee monthly - ITDA-IHMP International Link


Pro Members issuing ITDA-IHMP Certifications.

ITDA Membership applies to all ITDA Students who have graduated any ITDA or IHMP Levels of Certification. With x3 levels:
Free Membership (1st Year after certification) and Paid Membership from just $6 USD pm. Basic Membership
Plus an option to upgrade to Premium Membership full services & benefits from just $10 USD per month.

Who will benefit most from the ITDA-IHMP Partnership levels?
All levels will benefit based on their status i.e. A Basic Member maybe offered less services & benefits than a Premium Member, with Discounts and Access to ITDA Partner Offers like: Dive Training, Tours, Liveaboard Offers and deals on Branded Goods & Materials from ITDA.

How to become a partner simply choose your level below and make your application - Or Contact us and we can help!

Partner Application

ITDA Partnership Levels

Factor 1.

The devastating effects that Covid-19 has had on our industry with tourism in many places being completely closed for long periods of time...
This is why we developed our NEW Membership Subscription System, which now offers monthly payments instead of the normal annual renewal service.

This means that if your business or resort goes back into lock down from 2023... or Anytime!

You will notify us and we will only charge you for the actual periods when you are operational... Saving you a lot of money! As we understand only too well that if you are NOT making money you cannot and should not be expected to pay....

Factor 2.

We have changed / rearranged our levels and Monthly Subscription Fees based on what level you may train and certify and we have added more membership benefits to each level...

Basic Partnership

 ( This level may train and certify all non diving levels as agreed with ITDA HQ and Basic Scuba (Experience Programs - Introduction to Scuba & Day Courses) to ITDA Scuba Open Water Diver...

ONLY. IHMP First Aid - BLS & CPR Only... From just $20 USD per month... A minimum of 1 Instructor from your facility MUST be an ITDA Member (Any level from ITDA Dive Leader or Scuba Open Water or Club Instructor or above).

We will offer you unto 10% Discount on training materials and Certifications. $20.00 USD p.m. plus benefits of x2 Certifications per month. to a value of $29 USD Each... i.e. equal to two x2 Open Water Certifications... Value $58 USD.

Official ITDA Training e-Materials must be purchased by the student or the instructor...

Affiliate Membership  

(This membership level has two (x2) options: 1. As an affiliate member you may promote your goods and services to our membership under a license agreement or MOU with ITDA HQ. and / or 2. You may train and certify from Non-Diving to Leadership Levels and IHMP First Aid to First Responder Level - Oxygen & AED First Aid - Sports Injuries - First Aid at Work etc..

You MUST have a minimum of 1 ITDA-IHMP First Aid and Registered Scuba Open Water Instructor. Cost is just $25 USD per month. And Includes x2 OW Level Certs per month to a total value of $58 USD... Not-Including training materials but including e-certification. Do the math! We give you $58 USD and you pay us $25..p.m. Subscription Fee. Subscription set up one time fee of just $25 USD. No RENEWALS and price fixed to December 2023...

Associate membership

(This Level allows all of the points from Basic and Affiliate plus the option to make crossover programs and upgrade leadership to specialist instructors. Plus we pay commissions monthly (As passive income) to you on memberships processed from you, also the option to upgrade leadership levels (Any Agency to IHMP First Aid Instructor - CPR/BLS / Oxygen and AED Instructor) MUST have an ITDA-IHMP Advanced Instructor... Multi-Agency and x1 Instructor Renewal included in monthly subscription which is just $30.00  

Scubapro Development Centre

(This our first partner level that requires you upgrade an Instructor to ITDA Trainer or have an ITDA Trainer on staff) which means you may / can offer ITDA ITP - Instructor Training Programs to Scuba Open Water Instructor and Specialist Instructor levels 1 & 2... With help from ITDA HQ Staff or a Regional Partner / Course Director. Monthly Subscription is from just $45.00 USD per month and Includes x1 Trainer annual fee... $45.00 USD p.m. or Annual Fee of $375.00

Pro-Technical Training Centre (Premium Partner)

This covers / includes all previous levels plus Technical diver, Technical instructor and professional Scuba certifications plus specialist instructor level certifications. (As authorised by ITDA HQ and agreed, based on experience and certifications)

We require a minimum of x1 Technical Instructor Trainer and an Examiner from ITDA HQ Staff or a regionally appointed ITDA Technical Examiner may be used. For Technical or Scuba Instructor Course Programs...

Fee Includes: x1 Technical Trainer renewal / Membership... Plus x2 Technical Certifications per month to a total value of $140 USD. i.e. x2 Technical diver certifications each to a value of $70 USD. Technical Specialist Diver (Any Level) CCR / CAVE / Entry Trimix / Deco-Diver etc.

Not Including Training materials... Which MUST be purchased by the student prior to training...
Average cost of e-materials is around $45 - $65 USD

Cost of Monthly Subscription just $65.00 USD per month. 

Centre of Excellence in Diving

(This is an upgrade / status level which maybe applied as a form of recognition for quality of training and based on x2 factors:

1. Feedback from graduates and...
2. Level of certifications) Cost per year for upgrade in addition to your subscription fee is just $399 USD... Per Annum.

Plus marketing benefits with us driving Instructor Training to you for at least x2 ITP Courses per year...  $399.00 Per annum in addition to subscription service... Extra benefits apply! Including discounts on training materials & Certifications.

ITDA Academy / Dive College

An ITDA Divepro agreement may also cover this level. You own your own "On-line" Diving College, Operated under the ITDA Academy banner and you receive commissions on paid up courses at all levels from 25% of paid gross for the course to 50%...

Based on volume of business... i.e. Base level 25% Commissions up to 20 students per month - Over 20 Students commission to 30% Over 50 Students p.m. at 50%.

Monthly fee is just $75 USD. (We provide all materials and set-up, and monthly maintenance and updates with monthly reports)

We also share all Student data with you... NOTE there is a $199 USD Set up fee.... We can also make it white label with your logo etc. for a Monthly fee of just $85.00 USD instead of the $75 USD. Set up Fee. $299.00 USD.

Plus monthly subscription of just $85 for enhanced services. Includes; Unlimited Students. and all courses available to your students for up to 6 months... This is a great source of passive monthly income.... Plus of course you get to offer your own version of the ITDA Academy...

i.e. ITDA Academy UK - ITDA Philippines Academy - ITDA Singapore Academy - etc. etc.

More membership Information link here!

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