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This page offers an insight into our services in the wider International Diving Industry and Diver Training Communities.


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This page is aimed purely at diving professionals from Dive Master - Leadership Levels all Agencies to Course Directors and Assessors, from any Country / Background and any agency...

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ITDA-IHMP Pathways from 2021We can offer a unique series of benefits because we know you have a choice!  ITDA have been serving the diving industry since 1998... And have been UK HSE approved since 2005...

Ever feel like you are working for your training agency?

When your agency should be working for you? If so, then you
need to check us out.

Why should you choose to work with ITDA when there are so many training agencies out there?

If you are a diving professional you will be well aware of the volume of training and certification agencies that exist around the world, some are well established like: PADI and CMAS / NAUI etc.  And some are very new like RAID...

There are Sports Scuba / Recreational Diving agencies...  And "Technical Training Agencies like IANTD and TDI and newer ones like Pro-Tech and many more...

Many agencies now offer programs for both Sports Scuba diving and Technical Diving, also most will offer first-aid training as well, so how do you choose?  The most popular? - The least expensive? The biggest and most expensive? or something else?


We believe that the following should be a training agencies priority...

Does your agency do All of this?

Offer Commissions and discounts you can make a reasonable living from?

Provide you with materials at No Cost for Entry Levels and Day Courses?

Offer NO-FEE Renewals based on simple terms, minimum certifications?

OFFER Training Facilities low cost entry and reduced Renewal Fees based on certification turnover? (The more ITDA certifications you complete the less your renewal fees will be.)

Support Professionals with on-line admin forms and statements, access to your students data for updating, editing or marketing, saving you time and money?

OFFER great deals on branded products for resale (Without buying any minimum orders or holding any stock)?Value, respect and listen to your views?

FREE marketing support and FREE marketing materials for schools, Centres, clubs etc. ITDA-IHMP International do all of this and much more...

So why not compare us here!

ITDA Membership system


Why Dive Professionals Choose to come over to ITDA-IHMP International Firstly we are not like all the other agencies, we are a business yes, but our first priority is that our professionals have the tools to do their jobs and at a cost that is affordable and offers your students.

Higher quality at a very good value for money price, that you can make a living from.

Not just to train and certify divers but to train and certify "Safe, Competent Divers".

And be of a clear conscience when you certify them…Some agencies encourage an “all about the money attitude” and this is not productive, as instructors may feel obliged to certify, simply because the student has paid…  

So skills shortfalls and theory failures may go by the wayside !ITDA will encourage two options,

1. A limited certification (Maybe requiring supervised diving, upgraded on future assessment) and

2. A lesser level certification, offering an upgrade on future assessment after more experience is gained or in theory cases... Additional time to retake tests / Quizzes or Exams after remedial help....  

Plus we offer a Low-Fee renewal subscription system based on a minimum certification level over a year... With added benefits and incentives....

Multi-Agency ITDAITDA Membership

 Membership Benefits include:

A Limited Degree of Exclusive Market. i.e. We will NOT actively promote or allow your competitors to work with us...
(terms and conditions will apply)

Higher International Standards - More Training Programs Including Ntech and Advanced Nitrox -
Web E-Learning packages with commissions paid to YOU! and discounts for your students.

Lower Administration Overheads and NO Need to carry any materials stock with instant downloads Sports Diving -
Technical Diving and Medical Training and Certification Programs all from One source Additional paid membership
benefits via a subscription service from PayPal (secure)Why choose ITDA-IHMP Certification?

Take some time and think about the logic involved, we are not as big as some agencies because we do not spend millions of $$$ on marketing but we offer a great deal, value for money and when people are faced with an honest value choice, they will decide that ITDA offer a lot more for the same as they get from many other agencies...

We are sure that you may have lots of questions so please email us at:

We are very pleased to offer you a FREE Sample trial of our training materials and to offer dive professionals a very special deal...  

For each training facility or Instructor that signs up with us in 2022/23 we will offer one ITDA e-certification to a monthly value of $29.00 USD - (equal to 1 Open Water Cert) each month for one year...
Instructor may subscribe to our pro membership from just $20.00 USD per month - Terms will apply.  

As we do not ask you to hold stock you will have very low overheads with our training agency.

Plus we can offer you many FREE Point of Sales marketing
materials which you may reproduce at your costs... We can also offer branded ITDA products (T-Shirts and Polo's)
on a sale or return basis...

Subject to available stock limits!

We do not demand that you buy promotional materials or spend a fixed amount with us...

Please ask any questions to:  or Visit our   CROSSOVER PAGE HERE

Optional Benefits: Your opportunity to gain even more value for money from ITDA...

We offer you the unique choice to upgrade your e-certification from an e-certificate and e-card to add a Plastic Secure ID Card
and a Security printed Wall certificate for just a few dollars...

Mail us for certification upgrades at: online application form below...

Secure ID-Cards are from just $25 USD. plus postage at cost.

What else can I/we do at or from this level? / Next Steps...   As You will need to ask your instructor about our unique level 1 specialist diver certifications as an Introduction to the subject matter like;  Underwater Photography / Video (If the Centre hires or sells UW Cameras or video) / Shallow Wreck Diver, Buoyancy and Gas Management,  these levels require only one to two dives for an entry level certification...

You may also ask your instructor about IHMP First Aid training and get certified in CPR First Aid, BLS Basic Life Support or
First Responder / Diving First Aid... Who can train and certify at this level?

ITDA Dive Leaders with an Assessor rating or ITDA support professional level, may train and co-certify these levels under the
direct supervision of an ITDA Instructor.

Non-ITDA Leadership Levels (Certified as ITDA Entry Level or Club Instructors and/or any Agency Open Water Instructor may
also apply to ITDA HQ for authority to train and certify divers at this level.  Apply here below (Membership) for ITDA
multi-agency status...  And add ITDA Training to your certifications...  Offer your students and divers more...

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