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Franchise Partners

ITDA are continuing to grow world-wide and are actively looking for training partners, around the world. We can offer a unique and fast developing business model based on reduced competition and exclusive rights.  

How to join us divepro® for details of our unique partnership franchise agreement!  

Just use the tags under the flags as active links to that Country to find our about ITDA Training resources and partners or opportunities...

usa flag

USA Region includes the Bahamas, Mexico, Central America, Bermuda & Caribbean.

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ITDA Europe HQ

ITDA EU Includes: Slovakia, Poland, Span. Italy, Greece, Malta and more...

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Taiwan med flag

ITDA Asia - Taiwan is operated by Dragon Chang & his team at Mirage Diving...

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Egypt flag

ITDA Middle-East is operated by our partner in Dahab, Sinai (Red Sea).

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ITDA Scandinavia

ITDA has a long history in this region with partners in Norway, Denmark & Sweden.

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ITDA Philippines

This region is very exciting with some of the world's best dives. Run by Don Carr.   
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asia south east
ITDA S.E. Asia

S.E. Asia includes our partners in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand etc.

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UK flag

We are re-establishing our UK base after two year of inactivity due to Covid.  

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malay flag

To our Divepro® Training Partner for ITDA Malaysia - "TSTC".
Terengganu Safety Training Centre SDN BHD
They will be offering all levels of ITDA & IHMP International Training and Certifications
From entry level to Occupational and Professionals.

What is Divepro?

divepro licensee

Own Your own "Diver Training Agency" or become an ITDA Training partner?

With the ITDA® "Divepro®" franchise, you could own an exclusive partnership to develop a diver training and certification agency business as your own, operating under the ITDA International / International Technical Diving Agency (Global) Banner.

Scuba Partnership Plans from just $299 USD per month. or $2,999 per year (save $598 USD) 1 year plan.
Subscriptions with some great benefits - Benefits include: x1 Instructor renewal discount pro membership p.a.
Student Diver, IHMP and Dive Professionals. e-Certifications with discount upto 40%...

As "International Technical Diving Agency (ITDA) ITDA Europe". ITDA UK. Scandinavia, Middle-East, Africa, Taiwan, Asia, Philippines, Slovakia, Poland, and Europe. Opportunities exist currently in many Countries...

Operate your business under our banner for standards and training support, with a higher level of joint branding, using our Internationally recognised industry Standards.

Note: "ITDA®" and "Divepro®" are registered trademarks and intellectual property of Stephen J. Craig-Murray and includes permissions for; International Technical Diving Agency (ITDA EU) ITDA Agencia de Buceo / ITDA-IHMP International - International Hyperbaric Medical Programs (IHMP) and ITDA Academy.
Copyrights and licenses are limited.

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Why offer a franchise?

What exactly do you get as a franchisee of ITDA®

1. You get an "Exclusive Operating Agreement (EOA/MOU)" for a particular area, territory, Country or Region. Exclusive with us simply means; that we will NOT ALLOW any other ITDA business in your area to operate, excluding any ITDA Competition with you!. (IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU MUST BE EXCLUSIVE TO ITDA...)

However there are many additional benefits exist if you do decide to become an exclusive training partner!
To be agreed under specific terms by both parties. We will NOT allow any other ITDA/divepro business in your area as agreed.  
IHMP First-Aid Training and Certification is included at all levels for those who are certified and authorised by ITDA-IHMP HQ...

(For no extra costs) At this time...This will offer exclusive rights to market and develop your ITDA® business without competition from others trying to develop the same business as you.  
Thereby protecting your business investment now and into the future.  

Exclusive benefits will include up to 5 diverse income streams:  Income from Certification Sales, Training Materials Sales, Branded Goods Sales (up to 40%) Specialist Courses, Pro Courses & Renewals share...
Plus Commissions and discounts. Higher Commissions / Discounts on materials sales, (also from our on-line sales) plus higher discounts on purchased materials from ITDA HQ. Up to 40% for full franchise Divepro partners...

Commissions on Certifications and Renewals, based on minimum volume business Commissions on Sales of branded goods up to 20% Gross Profits (Our retail MRP Prices are competitive)
More Income from training business based on exclusive trading and reduced competition Exclusive Agreements from 1 - 3 years up to 5 Years or up to 10 years by special agreement International Support for: Sales, Marketing, e-Marketing, Dive Shows, Web Development and Management Training Create Sub-Licensees and lower level franchisees under your ITDA® Divepro Partner Banner and share in an up to 50% Profit deals.

2. You maybe allowed (if pre-qualified and approved?) to print ITDA Certifications locally, using our pre-printed cards (one side), plus use of our unique security holographic imaging stickers.
You print the student details and issue the certification, you must also register the certifications with ITDA HQ for entry and verification on our database.   With Access to edit and update your database section.
We charge a very small additional fee for this service per card from just $2.25 USD.

3. You may sell and market ITDA Training and Certification Course Programs and ITDA Branded Products and Training Materials for students to complete courses to ITDA International standards and to make a profitable business. Courses will include (To be agreed!):  As you are certified to teach, train and certify...Courses include these below in Bold.
Entry Level, Introduction to Scuba and Day Courses, Scuba Open-Water Diving, Dry Suit Diving, Rescue Diving, Advanced Rescue, Advanced Diving, Specialist (At Work Diving). Entry Level Technical (Limited) to Advanced and Pro-Technical. IHMP First-Aid BLS and Oxygen First-Aid, Aquatic Rescue and Research Diver, Aqua Culture, Fisheries, Public Safety, Professional Rescue, Construction Diving, and many more. may also be included... ITDA Go way beyond recreational Scuba Diving...

Leadership and Professional Levels will *ONLY be conducted jointly through ITDA HQ. but with a high profit share option. *Unless you are qualified / authorised by ITDA HQ to conduct professional levels, then you can run pro-courses with ITDA HQ or our regional partner office. As a Divepro franchise partner you may obtain commissions from 20% to 40% on all material sales and other revenue income based on your level of franchise?

4. You may also market and sell ITDA Branded products (with Gross Profit Margins up to 50%) under license from ITDA HQ. Franchise partners may also offer our license agreements to expand your ITDA® business to other dive Centre's / instructors in you area / region as agreed in your franchise agreement or MOU...
5. You will receive full support with developing business and marketing plans to develop your ITDA® business.
Plus web site template development, Social media marketing and the option to develop on-line course content in local languages, hosted by our servers and operated on a profit share basis up to 40%.  
New! Low-Cost Membership. See ITDA Membership page
6. You will get support and personal service from the owners / founders of ITDA who have been managing the business from day one. And since 1998, from Europe to 65 Countries around the world with on-going support by webinars / skype / Facetime and personal email / telephone contact (TXT/SMS and WhatsApp)...
7. You will get the option to take our unique sales and marketing support workshops and training courses.
Which are available in various locations around the world. And at International Dive Shows.
8. You also will have the option to get first hand in-house training for your diving staff and management.

From our regional managers and HQ staff which may include the founders of ITDA®.  Contact us TODAY  

How does it work?

ITDA Divepro Training Facility Partner Levels and Fees

Scuba Centre ( Scuba Training Facility Partner) - Scuba & Tech Centre (Scuba & Technical Training Facility) - Dive Academy (Pro Plan all levels)

ITDA has been developing diver training and certification business worldwide since 1998 and we now operate in 64+ Countries, working with licensee partners successfully for over two decades.

Meeting and exceeding national, International and federal standards like: ISO / EN/ANSI / UK HSE etc. etc. and Industry wide recognition for quality and high training standards.

We feel we are now in an excellent position to share our knowledge in building and developing a global training agency through some of the hardest times in recent history...

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