ITDA Academy

ITDA Academy is our Higher Education in Diving establishment and was the ITDA College -
Offering Courses with Diplomas and Certifications in Diving & Diving Education
to international Academic Standards.

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About ITDA Academy

Diver Members may receive a Certificate in Diving" Cert.Diving; as recognition of their level and experience. Leadership Levels may apply for the entry level Diploma in Diving.

Diving Professionals from any agency are welcome to apply for membership of the ITDA Dive Academy and Professional Body to have your certifications and experience recognised at an educational / Academic level as well as professional vocational qualifications.

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ITDA Academy Membership

Membership Program is OPEN to Divers and Professionals from any agency approved by ITDA HQ or members of National, International or Federal bodies including:  CMAS / PADI / NAUI / SSI / RAID / UK HSE / EUF / FEDAS / VSDT / CUA / SUF / WRSTC / RSTC / IDSSC / PDIC etc.  Link to our on-line courses:

The levels are based on the experience required and the hours of study involved in obtaining the original certification with a training agency, plus a process of calculating - CECs Continuing Education Credits.  We can also offer "CPD" Continuing Professional Development.  Processing takes around 2-5 days after payment is received and cleared. An email Cert / Diploma will be sent and secure printed original will be posted...

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Certificate in Diving

Certificate in Diving (Theory)  is a unique on-line learning tool to both challenge and reward divers with an academic certification in diving.

Now discounted by 70% to just $49.00 USD. Any Divers from Any Agency will benefit from this program. Includes: e-certificate and access to app cert and International online verification service.

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Diploma in Diving Education

The Dip.Ed.Diving qualification is a vocational dive professional level in teaching and training divers, from beginner to leadership Pro levels. Plus first aid Instructor and Nitrox (introduction to technical diving) Instructor. 180 days to complete.

Diploma in Diving Education is a new and unique program offering a complete higher education course in teaching and training divers. Offering a formal qualification in education and training for the dive industry. Course is 1 to 2 years... With credit(s) for prior learning and certification, any agency. This program also acts as a pre-qualification to attend ITDA-IHMP Instructor Training Programs.

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