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Since FEB 2019 the ICoD International College of Diving has now become a fully integrated part of the ITDA Group and is rebranded as the ITDA Diving Academy - This is now also the ITDA Professional body for diver qualifications.

With recognition and exchange for International Certifications to Industry "Qualifications"...

About ITDA Academy

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Diver Members may receive a “Certificate in Diving" Cert.Diving; as recognition of their level and experience.

Leadership Levels may apply for the entry level Diploma in Diving Professionals from any agency are welcome to apply for membership of the ITDA Dive Academy and Professional Body to have your certifications and experience recognised at an educational level as well as professional vocational qualifications.

Membership Program is OPEN to Divers and Professionals from any agency approved by ITDA HQ or members of National, International or Federal bodies including:  CMAS / PADI / NAUI / SSI / RAID / UK HSE / EUF / FEDAS / VSDT / CUA / SUF / WRSTC / RSTC / IDSSC / PDIC etc.

The levels are based on the experience required and the hours of study involved in obtaining the original certification with a training agency, plus a process of calculating “CEC’s” Continuing Education Credits.

The ITDA Academy MUST and Will require proof of certification and go through a verification process with your training agency if they or you are NOT ITDA members. Note the exchange process for our qualification for your certification plus experience also offers automatic membership of the ITDA Pro-Body.

We are working on government approvals and recognition from other industry bodies, this will be easier the more members we have registered.  

So, join us today here!   We require an Application fee to be paid for the level to cover our costs of processing, a mail link with be sent to you with the final payment amount to be paid by PayPal Secure payments system, and a link for the On-line application form.

Processing takes around 2-5 days after payment is received and cleared.

An email Cert will be sent and original will be posted...

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ITDA Membership system

ITDA Membership System

From 2022 after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic we decided to help our Professionals to ease back into work with a minimal cashflow commitment by introduction to our Membership system.

Offering a subscription monthly pay process by secure PayPal. Spreading the cost of annual fees over 12 months, with automatic renewal available.

Since the Introduction in January 2022 we have now expanded the benefits and access to our back office systems and New services and Support to our wider diving community and allowing Non-Divers, Divers, IHMP First Aid graduates and even opened up to divers and professionals from other agencies from May 2022...

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Scuba ITDA
ITDA Membership for Divers
Divers from any agency may now enjoy the benefits of membership from just $6 to $10 USD. Per month.
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IHMP First Aid
Anyone having certified with IHMP in the last 3 years may apply to ITDA-IHMP for membership.
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Professional (Leaders to Trainers+)
ITDA Pro Membership is now open to all professionals.
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