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Steve CEO

In the world of technical diving there are just a few major players like; ITDA - IANTD - TDI - ANDI - GUE etc... There are also a few associations as collections of Technical divers.

ITDA evolved since its inception in 1998, founded by Stephen (Steve) Craig-Murray who had until then lived and worked as a dive professional and professional educator in Diver Education and Training both full time and part-time for over 40+ Years.

His background was in Information Technology, in technical sales and marketing management, working for Companies like; IBM - Prime Computer - IDEA - Perle Systems etc.

Steve has lived and worked in 19 Countries...He has trained professionals for; PADI - NAUI - IDEA and IANTD and TDI/SDI. With over 40 years of Diving experience.

He has also been a pioneer in Technical diving with CCR Rebreathers, Cave Diving, Deep Wrecks and Professional

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The diving industry is changing due to many reasons plus of course the changes that came with Covid-19 / Pandemic.

Training agencies including the largest organisations like the American giant - PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors which are a private Company incorporated in the USA and operate around the world.  

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Entry level diving

Problems with the Industry...

One problem is that there are so many PADI Instructors and PADI facilities that they are all competing on price with each other and with tourism suffering, competition is more severe for everybody.

ITDA have the market advantage in operating through local training partners and as regional businesses offering more theory, more training and offer more practical experience dives at all course levels.

Plus we DO NOT want to be the biggest agency in the world but aspire to be the very best in terms of quality and value for money!

Part of the original rationale for creating the ITDA was to bring back the value of basic skills and to introduce new divers to decompression theory so as to better understand the real risks.

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From Open Water levels, we offer more dives than most agencies and
the Industry standards for Open Water Certification is just 4 Open Water Training Dives. i.e. Standards ISO & ANSI/EN

At ITDA we offer a minimum of 6 Open Water Dives, with 5
actual training dives and the last dive is a Rescue skills and diving basic skills assessment and evaluation dive for final grading,

with a simple pass all skills or redo / makeover dive requiring
additional remedial training. To meet our standards for a Pass or fail... More courses and upgrades coming in 2023...

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Our aspirations as an international training and certification agency

What are the ITDA Goals and Objectives?

Our aspirations and desires as a training agency:  We are NOT interested in being the biggest training agency in the World, ONLY the best at what we do...  

Producing higher Quality - Safer and Competent Divers at all levels of the Industry from Recreational to Professional Diving... Is our primary objective.

We offer a unique insight into the core values of the ITDA and our motivation to be the highest standards training agency, based on quality and not quantity, i.e. We are unique in many ways in the Sports diving world as not only do we accept multi-agency instructors and divers but we actively encourage them...  

The International Technical Diving Agency, offer the highest quality, value for money and highest training standards in the Industry.  

Please cover this page carefully and if you have any questions contact us by email and we will respond quickly.

modu;ar process

ITDA have a unique Education and Training Process

To make a big change to the traditional historic values of diver training and certification we (ITDA) has introduced a more Higher Education approach to the way we teach and educate our divers and professionals.

Our in water training is also a new model using drills and repetition as learning tools plus a New Assessment Process applied to "At Risk Training" with a New look at how students develop practical critical skills.

1. Students MUST meet minimum academic standards. New Theory Study Online Academy.   

2. Skills performance must meet a minimum standard of "Basic Mastery" with drills replacing exercises... Which are repeated until the student is "Comfortable and Competent with skills until they are Confident in the use and practice of the skills...

3. Emergency Planning / Risk Assessments are the responsibility of the diver, Rescue Skills and Equipment Skills meeting higher Standards.

Fun e-cert Designs and New Designs in 2023

membership certificate

New from 2022 we have introduced our e-certifications to make processing certifications faster, less expensive and reduce our production of both plastics and paper materials - Saving the Planet one cert at a time.

With the new e-card production we have also introduced a new back office system taking control in-house of our CMS/CRS Database linking directly to our website... Offering a more immersive experience for our Training Partners and Members for the future!

ITDA Membership System

From 2022 after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic we decided to help our Professionals to ease back into work with a minimal cashflow commitment by introduction to our Membership system.

Offering a subscription monthly pay process by secure PayPal. Spreading the cost of annual fees over 12 months, with automatic renewal available.

Since the Introduction in January 2022 we have now expanded the benefits and access to our back office systems and New services and Support to our wider diving community and allowing Non-Divers, Divers.

IHMP First Aid graduates and even opened up to divers and professionals from other agencies from May 2022...

Link here to ITDA-IHMP Membership Subscription System NEW!

Our Training Partners

What is an ITDA Training Partner?

An ITDA Training Partner is simply any diving professional or diver training facility that has an agreement or MOU with ITDA HQ to provide training and certification from ITDA-IHMP.

We have a NEW System of Membership levels which will eventually replace the annual fees that dive professionals traditional pay.   

Link to Training Facility Partners