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ITDA - IHMP Administration

About ITDA Administration

ITDA-IHMP Administration has just two primary objectives:

1. To offer services to our members that reduce the time required to certify students. With e-certifications and pre-dive forms. Medical etc.

2. To create and develop web and mobile apps that help make working with us easier and less expensive than other agencies...

NOTE: Please bear in mind we are going through a major transition at present, upgrading and developing new back office systems to improve our services for our members... Any urgent questions plus email us.

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Certify Students Online

As we are in full final beta testing of these NEW admin systems we have still provided the links to our external database to avoid delays in issuing our e-certification services.

Links below to register students for ITDA-IHMP e-certs...
NEW system will be online very soon... Forms may be requested in other languages...

Any problems mail us at:

Student e-certification Registration form link (Eng)Solicite la certificación electrónica en línea en españolIHMP e-certification Registration (first Aid)

Pre Dive Admin Form Links

We have provided a number of service pre-dive forms to help students get faster into training and enjoying being in the water...

For example we have an online training statement and Pre-dive medical form. See buttons below:

Training Statement (Eng)IHMP Medical Statement
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diver skills

Quality Assurance & International Standards

We have here our unique ITDA Quality Assurance and standards compliance forms that students at all levels should be encouraged to complete after certification.

Completing this form will help us at ITDA-IHMP HQ to improve and develop our systems to better service our members worldwide...

Quality of TrainingButton Text

ITDA Membership Forms & Crossovers

ITDA Membership Forms and Crossover Forms for all levels...

Crossover form link below and Pro Membership application plus, professional agreement (Must be completed by pro levels)...

Link to ITDA Membership Page

Crossover FormPro Member FormPro Agreement
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