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Ukraine Combat First Aid Training
lung injury

Our goal
Is simply to offer ordinary people on all sides, with a little or even no first aid training the opportunity to gain the knowledge needed to possibly save lives of friends or family members...

Combat First Aid

The ITDA-IHMP Special edition Combat First Aid Program in English, Ukrainian and Russian, dealing from Novice Civilian first aiders level to a guide for Doctors, Nurses and Medics who may NOT be familiar with the serious wounds and injuries that can be inflicted by use of weapons such as; (GSW) Gun Short Wounds, small and large caliber, Mortar bombs, IED's, Mines and Missile Strikes etc.

Injuries include
: Bleeding, Severed Limbs, Massive Tissue Damage, Minor and Major Wounds, tears and shrapnel wounds, Lung Injuries and use of Occlusive dressings etc. etc. Not normally in first Aid training.

How to get a copy FREE
Simply email ITDA-IHMP HQ and request a FREE copy, in English, Ukrainian or Russian? You must have a Ukraine or Russian mail address or offer proof of who you are and why you need this information. In most cases we will send you a return download link!

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