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underwater world is so incredible
  You will love it!


Do not worry if you are a little nervous about learning to Scuba dive.

Scuba is such a unique experience, being weightless (FREE from gravity!) and able to breathe underwater, that any apprehensions, fears or worries will quickly disappear once you try it! -

You will be far too busy having fun... Observing the Marine Life... & Being Weightless...

We also offer an International CLUB System

ITDA International (Find Training) "
Open Water Scuba Online Course is just $39 USD". Direct link to Online Academy 2 part program...

Learnto Scuba dive today!
itda academy

Training & Certification in...

ITDA-IHMP International Technical Diving Agency - Training & Certification to International Standards ISO - ASNI/EN and exceeding Industry National & Federal Standards

Simply choose your membership level and pay a small monthly subscription from just $6 to activate your membership benefits.  
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Memberships Plans
learn scuba diving
Try or Learn Scuba
All diving and first aid certifications that are registered with us may have FREE membership of ITDA.
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Diver Membership Plans
rescue diving
Rescue Diving
ITDA Rescue Diver has three levels - Aquatic Rescue (non Divers) - Scuba Rescue & Advanced Rescue.  
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Upgrade from Open Water Scuba
advanced diving
Advanced Scuba
Advanced Scuba is the next level from rescue scuba diver and is a required certification for all higher levels to leadership. Including Technical.
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Advanced Membership
Scuba divers
ITDA Specialist Diver levels are unique in our industry as we offer a "Step Process" from Level 1. Introduction - 2. Intermediate and 3. Advanced Specialist. With over 60 Programs.
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Specialist Membership
Our ITDA team is greatly enhanced by our amazing leadership levels - Pro Guide - Dive Supervisor & Club / IHMP Instructor.
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Pro Membership
Technical diver CCR
Technical Diving
ITDA began business as a Specialist Technical Diving Agency back in 1998 in Spain & the UK. Since those early days we have evolved into a global training agency.
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Technical Membership
IHMP First Aid training
IHMP First Aid Training
IHMP International Hyperbaric Medical Programs has a been around since 1998 and Offers "Specialist" First Aid and Emergency Care programs to Divers & Non Divers.
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First Aider Membership
Instructor training
Our Pro-Team is second to none in training & certifying professionals from any agency leadership levels to Open Water Instructor and beyond...  Plus Occupational Diving

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Professional Membership

ITDA - International Technical Diving Agency
 & IHMP First Aid Training & Certification
+ Occupational at Work Diving

Specialist Hyperbaric & General First Aid
Training & Certifications

You could SAVE a Life!



ihmp first aid
IHMP Training Modules - Our Most Popular Certifications Modules...
IHMP have been the First Aid Specialist training division of ITDA since 1998 founded by International Hyperbaric and EMT Trainers and leaders in technical diving and commercial diver training.

So we have a solid pedigree in First Aid & Training...

New IHMP Instructor Training Standards

IHMP/ITDA Now accept leadership levels from ANY training agencies for IHMP Membership and certification. IHMP Instructor Training NOW available.

New First Aid Programs for Divers & Non-Divers

IHMP Aquatic Rescue - New BLS /CPR Program and First Aid at work & Refresher Cert. Plus, First Responder (FOS), AED and Oxygen First Aid - Sports Injuries First Aid & Combat First Aid - Hyperbaric First Aid and HBOT.

 ITDA Academy "FREE" CPR Program Online Link

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cert process


We have evolved our Education, Academic Theory and Skills development Process over the past 22+ Years, to bring learning to life with new technologies, Skills reviews, Assessor Training... And Upgrades...

Offering our students a safe, fair and maximum fun way to learn and get certified to International standards.
Open Water Scuba Course Theory is now, just $39 USD... Available from ITDA Academy Online 2 part program. Part 1 Theory - Part 2 Practical skills development with a Professional,
e-Certification online from just $25 USD.

Scuba Certifications from ITDA

We offer certifications from Experience levels, Try Scuba, Introduction to Scuba and Day Course Programs With e-Certification cards which are FREE for these levels on registration by the student or Instructor / Leader...

We also accept this experience as a credit / upgrade towards "Open Water Scuba International Certification.
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ITDA Difference
love diving

What is the ITDA Difference?

Maximum Safe Fun Diving Experiences...

Are YOU ready for Adventure?

Snorkelling & Scuba Diving can be a real challenge in the beginning but ultimately they offer fantastic rewards with experiences you will remember for the rest of your life!

Are you ready to be thrilled?

Open Water Scuba Course Theory is now, just $39 USD + Certification just $20 USD
Available from ITDA Academy Online 2 part program. Direct link to ITDA Academy below...

ITDA Scuba
Certification Levels

We offer certifications from Experience levels, Try Scuba, Introduction to Scuba and Day Course Programs. E-Certification cards are FREE for these levels on registration by the student or Instructor / Leader...

We also accept this experience as a credit / upgrade towards "Open Water Scuba International Certification.

Note: We recommend a minimum of 10 Open Water Dives experience before next level...   
chart dives required

ITDA Membership


Membership levels for ITDA graduates from free $0.00 1st Year to Basic $5 subscription with benefits or take / upgrade to full (Premium) membership subscription from just $10.00 USD per month... (What benefits can you get these days for $10?)  price of a coffee and a bun, maybe? Pay by monthly subscription or on an annual basis and save 20% = x2 Months off! for annual fee... From $49 USD.

Membership Plans


Georgina Craig

Administration Director
Pro Training

Partner Membership

The amazing benefits of ITDA membership have to be experienced to be believed...

Learn more about becoming an ITDA member as a training facility...

Work with us as Multi-Agency or be ITDA exclusive, it's your choice!

Membership Training Facility Plans

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Are you a dive professional or a Dive Training Facility?

If you are? You need to check out ITDA.

We were described as the "Best Kept Secret" in diver education and training by the diving press...

We invest in our diver education not marketing...

Learn more about our training partner plans
  • pro membership

    Independent Instructor support and the ITDA International Club System with great benefits from just a small monthly subscription from just $20 USD...

  • training partner

    Training Facility Support with Social Media and marketing campaigns, plus a Blog page and private access to your (CMS) secure Database for your students and professionals.

  • certification app

    One low-fee for Registration and certification processing including e-materials or loan materials on site.

    Students can buy and Pay directly, we pay our training partners a commission and / or we offer excellent discounts... Or pay our partners directly on site... We offer more flexible choices...

Supported by real people

Our  Training partner teams work remotely from 64 countries providing local support from - across multiple time zones.
Taiwan pros

We put YOU our members first - 1st. Every time...

ITDA - Are the most authentic training agency with benefits from our unique membership systems applications. e-cert - e-Check e-materials+ more...