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ITDA® -IHMP™ International – Divepro®
We are a training and certification agency for the Diving Industry,
serving the industry since 1998 (25 Yrs) and training through industry
professional partners in 65 Countries.

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Who are we?

We are a collection of highly experienced diver professional Educators.

Who firmly believe that the training and certification of divers can be safer and more focused on real world needs.

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ITDA are members of the Dive Industry Association to support our members in the USA Region and and the SUF (Singapore Underwater Federation (A CMAS Body) Supporting our members in Asia).
We also have International affiliations...

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How are ITDA Different?

Simply put ITDA-IHMP are very different from other training and certification providers operating around the world today. The first big difference is that we have a unique "Certification Ladder" Pic here.

We require a minimum number of dives experience to progress in our system, we also offer upgrades and higher education programs from ITDA Academy. Theory programs & Assessor on-line...

ITDA covers all Dive Industry training & certifications in: Scuba, Technical - First Aid & Medical (IHMP) and Occupational & Professional Diving... And we offer / accept "Multi-Agency"...

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Compare ITDA with?

Compare ITDA-IHMP with the top players in the diving industry and you will discover the magic that is the ITDA Difference. Referred to above in previous section...

ITDA offers more theory, more dives, more experience and more real life challenges in training skills, drills and exercises.

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Featured Course Programs

ITDA are unique in the diving industry offering diver training and certification to International standards in:  Non-Diving - Learn to Scuba - Rescue - Advanced & Specialist - Leadership - Professional - Technical - Occupational & Higher Education.

free diving


Learning to swim to snorkelling  & Free Diving-Scuba Experience.

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Junior diver

Scuba Diving

Day Courses & Experience to Open Water Scuba Certification.

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Surface Rescue

Rescue Diving

From Scuba Rescue to Advanced and Professional Rescue.

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Cave Diver

Advanced & Specialist

After Rescue level comes ITDA Advanced & Specialist Diving.

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tech diver twin-set

Technical Diving

From Entry Level - Advanced Nitrox to Mixed Gas CCR and Cave Diving.

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First Aid AED

IHMP First Aid

From CPR / BLS to ALST and First Responder to Dive Medic Tech...

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Featured Professional Programs

ITDA offer Professional - Diving at Work Specialist Diver Programs as "Occupational" Diving - plus Leadership - Instructor Training to Assessor Examiner.

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Scuba Instructor

Club Instructor upgrades from Leadership to Scuba Instructor.

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Specialist Pro

Advanced & Specialist Instructor levels to Occupational.

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Dive leadership

Instructor Trainer

Small intimate groups, trainer programs, upgrade workshops.

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Deep Rescue

Assessor Programs

ITDA instructors may become academic assessors for higher ed.

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RIB Diving

Course Director

ITDA Course Directors are a cut above the average in the dive industry.

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Assessor Examiner

Assessor Examiners are our professional levels certifying staff.

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ITDA Academy

The ITDA Academy was formed in 2019 to offer ITDA Members and the general diving community a route to expand diving certifications into formal academic qualifications, using the same standards as Colleges and Universities for credit systems.

Certificate and Diploma Courses in Diving, Advanced and Specialist Dive Theory, Applied Diving Physics - Dive Physiology and Certificate and Diploma in diving education and training. For Leaders & Professionals...

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Divepro® Partners section (Asia)

Occupational Training Providers - Scuba & Technical to Pro.

Divepro® Partners section (EMEA)

Professional Training Providers - Club, Scuba & Technical to Instructor

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ITDA Italia

New ITDA Trainer, Technical Instructor and First Aid Training for the Italian market.

Contact Diego Cervelli
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ITDA Polska

UBOOT Diving Center 5 Patronacka Street 58-160. Świebodzicetel. Tel.660672114

In Development

ITDA Red Sea

Dahab & Sharm El Sheikh, Sinai Region-Egypt... Tarek Omar.

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Visit ITDA Europa Page LinkITDA Red Sea Page in Dev.